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detached retina

my daughter has a detached retina in her left eye since birth. we have taken her to retina specialists and there is nothing they can do. recently ive noticed her pupil is completely dialated. is that normal?

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Re:detached retina

I got hit with a bb in my left eye.. i still have the bb in me it shattered my checkbone. The doctor that performed the emergency surgery did what he could considering all the blood.. He couldn't see the exit wound because of the blood so i still have the opening which the fluid from my eye is leaking out through.. i was starting to have vision until i had my second ultra sound it threw me back to step 1 again and the only reason they were willing to do the surgery is because i still have some type of sight in the eye.. my problem is i have no insurance or money to get it done.. it's taken alot from me as who i once was.. i hate looking in the mirror my eye is getting smaller and i just don't feel or look the same.. the retina specialist i was seeing told me why should i even bother paying 10,000 dollars for something i'm never going to have back.. but i was getting it back until he pushed so hard on my eye doing that ultra sound and my retina wasn't detached until then either.. I just don't know what to do anymore my life has changed so much since this..

Re:detached retina

I just had to cut & paste a posting on the Yahoo DR message board!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shirley suddenly had
big time improvement nearly 1 year from her DR
surgery!!!!!! I had my DR surgery 6 months ago.
So I still have 6 months of hope left!!!!!!!!

My buckle surgery has been a year ago. In the last two weeks I have seen a huge
improvement in my vision. In addition I have notice fewer flashes and the
ocular migraines are getting further and further apart.

Patience seems to be the key word here. I still see the flashes at night in a
dark room when I roll over in bed, sneeze or cough.


Re:detached retina

hi im michael i had a detached an a tear in my retina i have undergone 2 surgreys for it an is in need of another surgrey to try to save little vison in me left eye im only 20 years old they dont no why or how it happen i no i had it for atleast 4 year. but its probley my fault because i did alot of stupid stuff when i was younger but my doctor is dr. dundrvill he works out of west virginia but he is a very good doctor, my first surgrey they put a buckle around my eye thats goin to stay there for the rest of my life but i hold a full time job, but i dont know about other people but the surgreys was kinda easy for me but i aint goin to lie it messed up my mentle but all u gota be is hopefull thats whats got me through it, but at times my eye pressure was at 50s an that is very high it made me feel like i had the flue that is the hardest part i stay when the pressure gos up but i wish your daughter the best any more question about it my email is

Re:detached retina

Megan J i would love to be able to talk to you more. id aprreciate it if you would email me. my email is as for my Chloe she will never have vision in that eye she was not premature but was born with it detached and stuck to the lens of her eye. it has looked normal up until a couple mths ago and it became quite dilated and the color in her eye changed to grey. id love to hear back :)

Re:detached retina

Hi. I've had a detatched retina in my left eye since I was three (I've been living with it for about 14 years), and I'm going to a retina specialist also. The doctors tried to reattach it, but it wasn't successful. I suppose it would have been easier if they knew it was detached sooner (like I said, I was three, and I didn't know any better.)
Since then, I have been going to a specialist every 6 months to check my eye pressure and throughly examine my eyes. I've learned to adjust to it quite well, and I can even drive. The iris in my left eye turned blue, however, after a few surguries trying to attach my retina (my other eye is brown). Although recently I got a brown contact and it has been working very well.
As for your second question, my left pupil is dialated, not completely, but it is bigger than my right. My specialist said it was fine, and it has never caused discomfort or anything. Although I am more sensitive to sunlight due to the detachment.
I wish you and your daughter the best of luck, and I hope the doctors find another option. If you have any questions or need advice, I can send you my e-mail address. Megan J

Re:detached retina

Hi, I don't know about your second question. But if the retina is detached that is concerning. Is there a reason why the doctors cannot do anything to fix or limit the detachment like an eye condition for example etc?

I have glaucoma and in junior high my retina detached and with surgery they were able to reattach it. When it detached I lost vision and fast and it was very uncomfortable. It was not good. After the surgery I regained almost all of my sight, but it was a slow couple month process. The retina being detached is not a good thing especially if you are trying to save any sight.
My regular eye doctor didn't notice mine, and a specialist who has dealt with retinal detachments had to come see what was wrong (my regular doctor wasn't able to make the diagnosis).
Have you discussed any options if it can be reattached etc? I know its possible, maybe not in certain cases, but I don't know about that.

I'm not trying to give you medical advice cause I'm not a doctor, but keep researching and see whats out there and ask questions.

If you have any more questions or wish to talk about it feel free to post on here. If you'd like my email, please let me know on here.


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