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Device that can recognize...

hello, i am student of product development in switzerland. We are designing a device that can idetify certain things. Right now we are interested, what things you would recognize in your daily life. That means we are collecting things that you need to identify. Thanks a lot for your help!

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Re:Device that can recognize...

We are working on a project to be able to catch thieves when they try to rob residents in our apartment complex. I would like a device that can recognize the vehicles that are authorized to be here and those that are not authorized, Allowing management to be notified. I am working with UT Arlington Senior Engineering Projects and TX Department of Transportation. Any assistance would be great.

Re:Device that can recognize...

we want to be able , with , technology ,to recognize the very same things that it is important to yourself to be able to recognize .
money ,our kids faces , a hole in the ground ahead of us , the mona lisa !!!!!!!!!!

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