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I'm a 47y/o male with diplopia and dominant eye strained post two surgeries which only made things worst ( more confusing )..
After my surgeries double vision remained, after 4 yrs dominant eye became strained and it sees blurry.. I'm patching good eye and relying on weak lazy amblyophia to drive,work, etc..... In my opinion double vision is a pure nightmare... I hope no one has to endure what I've been going thru my whole life.

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Re: Diplipoia/blurry/eyepatching

I recently got double vision in my right eye - so far due to 6th cranial nerve palsy...I am being told its a 3-6 month wait and see before even looking at surgery. As I am new to this - previous healthy and active 53 yr old - I am looking for alternatives to eye patches. I am working on Prism glasses but am doubtful they will help...also heard of a contact for weak eye that is to any suggestions as a rookie, thanks

Re: Diplipoia/blurry/eyepatching

Have similar problem and afraid of any surgeries suggested. I have patched so many times they call the pirate to no avail. Going through this is a nightmare as you hope for one clear moment to actually enjoy a clearer view of life itself.

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