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I was born with a congenital cataract on my right eye and have never had vision in it was only able to see a bit of light.
I was about 4 or 5 when I had the cataract removed and a few surgeries to try to help correct my eye (as it is a lazy eye).
I have had issues with glaucoma throughout my life. I have always been told I was no different than anyone else and adapted to life my mother was great in that aspect. I thank her for that.
I worked for 15 years with those with mental/physical disabilities do heavy labor. The past 5 years I've had several surgeries on my eye which have caused a great deal of pain and issues.
A piece of cataract that they missed when I was younger somehow came dislodged and floated around destroying my cornea.
I had surgery to remove the piece of cataract and then I had to have a cornea tissue transplant along with a vitrectomy, I have actually had this procedure done three times. Just recently on 1-11-17. First time was about 2 years ago, about six months ago I learned the first tissue transplant was deteriorating and it was causing pain and discomfort for me. This has caused problems for me. For the last 3 years I have noticed that I can not bend over without head pain, I can not lift anything over 25 pounds without having pain and discomfort in my head/eye area.
I do not work anymore I was let go of my job in November 2016, I had surgery a few weeks ago and I have had several people ask me if I though about applying for disability.
I have never been able to work factory/assembly line work, I do not have a drivers license, tried 7-8 times fail each time and now with the bending/lifting issues I've been experiencing I am wondering if it's a possibility, even partial disability.
I guess my question is does anyone think I stand a shot at disability? What should I do if so? And where would I start?
I understand I have adapted with my condition but that shouldn't be a reason considering I can not do daily things.

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Re: Disability

So what if you are not normal. You can do all the things like others. You are brave.

Re: Disability

Hi Stacy,

Sounds like Jemaine assumed you felt isolated; I'm glad you do not! Jeremy gave you good sources on disability. You'll also find helpful info on this message board thread:

Keep us posted.

Shannon Carollo

Re: Disability

Jemaine, I do get out I worked for 15 years, I was married for almost 12 I have 3 great kids and a new fiancé I go to church twice a week and have several friends I speak and see weekly. I also have a dog

my question was in regards to applying for disability.
where in that did you feel I don't have a life?

Re: Disability


Jemaine is right, joining a support group and talking with people who have the same experience as you is a great place to start. You will also find information on Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security in the AFB Public Policy section. Here is a link to the specific page:

Best of luck to you!

Re: Disability

My advice is for you to join support group, talk to a lot of people who has the same experiences as you. Go out of your room, and your house, mingle with real people, not just internet people?

also try getting a dog or a cat.
Read positive testimonials about successful surgeries


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