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Discussing emotions, Help please!

Hello! Im sighted but am writing about blindness and want it to be accurate so i dont fall into typical stereotypes. I have found researching medically is easy for the simple reason that its all fact. But emotion is another thing entirely. With so many different situation and opinions its hard to fully understand what you feel when you are blind! Anything you have to offer would be great whether you are blind or simply know someone who is. Stories, feelings, really anthing would be appreciated! Please and Thank you! :D

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Re:Discussing emotions, Help please!

My experience with this is I was diagonosis April 2008 with Ocular Histoplasmosis. It all went down hill quickly. I went from working, driving, reading, helping others to asking for rides to everywhere I need to go. When I do go anywhere I get nervous about everything. From the people around me to how do I get to the bathroom. I wear dark glasses and walk with someone guiding me. You won't believe the people that think I'm drunk or high! Or the ones that when they realize I'm not seeing yell like I'm hard of hearing too! Or even better yet the ones that have what I call blind phobia, they act like your not even there! Depressing is putting it mildly!! But thanks to my family and friends I'm muddling through this. They tell me to 'pull up your big girl pantys and deal with it' Ineed that.

Re:Discussing emotions, Help please!

Hi, I am a partially sighted individual who struggles on a daily basis with my condition. You see I was diagnosed by the doctors with a disease called Myopia (Nearsighted), it's not one to cause my eyes to go bad, but nevertheless sometimes I suffer from headaches, and as a result I tend to get frustrated by the fact that I always have to take it easy, and make it worse, I like to study, so as you can tell it has been rather painful for me with this problem.

But nevertheless, my advice to you all out there who suffer from this problem or worse is to keep the faith, never give up on your daily aspirations and remember GOD is in control in every thing we say and do.

Let me leave you with this scripture, which seems fitting for this problem.
Psalms 55 v 22

Re:Discussing emotions, Help please!

BLind Adult Adaptation:

Loosing visaual ability over an extended period of time created a world of alienation when seeking employment as a femal over 40. Rehabilitation assistance members care, however there is are greater numbers who are lacking in support.

Many visually impaired persons seek to identified as people first, recognized for their abilities not their disability and yet this remains at the forfront of disparity, when one examines the unemployment rate for blind or visually impaired workers.

Though it may not be the ultimate intent; one may discover the underlying disappointment among the many visually impaired adults when they are cast off in favor of sighted persons when competing for job opportunities. Everyone must remember is blind adults still engage in an equitable share of the revolving economy and must meet the same cost as thoes who are sighted, however they often incurr added cost to participate in society in general.

Anger, disappointment, skepticism may be only a few of the emotions often disguised and hidden from the public, however remember that when one looses his or her sight they must reconstruct their lives and should not be taken for granted simply because they are visully impaired.

** You may not reprint this for profit or other substantial gain with out prior written authorization". Cynthia L Jones

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