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Does anyone know someone who lost eye sight from one eye because of a glioma?

My son is 2 year old. He was diagnosted with a glioma on the optic chiasm on April. The surgery was not successful. So it has started a chemotherapy. He was able to see with bothe eyes. But yesterday at the dr office, it appears that he didn't see from the right eye. I am afraid that the left eye will be damage too. Does anyone who know something about it? How could I help my son? What does he need?

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Re: Does anyone know someone who lost eye sight from one eye because of a glioma?

Yes, and I just read a lot of posts of have only one eye that just doesn't work. I am now getting prepared for retirement.But everything is much harder than I thought and I am very angry. I had what the doctor said was or could be lazy eye. That can be since it uses a lot of muscels and you can make it strong for focusing the lens. but you can't get a kid to do that or wear glasses. Then I started losing my field vision or periferals in my right eye only. So for years we went throught every drop they have to get the pressue down. Finally, I asked my GP who was the best in chicago. So I went to see University Eye Specialists. More drops but the other doctor sees a slight bubble on the retina. Next thing is retina detachment. Drilled out the tiny grate holes to drain fluid faster. Then they gave me the Lanaprost the edrop that works but they don't know how and it grows eyelashes and changes your eye color. But I read you loose your depth perception under 20 feet. So, everything I do is affected except driving on empty roads. I trip, fall, bruised or broke a rib and can't type half the speed I could before, or read and I ma turning into somebody I don't want to be.

I live in an apartment with 17 years of marriage with 3 sons bagge everywhere. So I know some of the tools for my anger but what about working on a computer 12 hours a day. I can't see at the end and takes forever to find keys. Plus in this day and age, we give money to everyone but the good people. What is wong with people. sorry for the rant. People have told me how I am but I

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