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does clothing interest blind ladies?

does clothing interest blind ladies ?does shopping in malls /town just pose difficulties?

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Re:does clothing interest blind ladies?

Hello everyone. I think that looking good is important to most people, whether if they are blind or not. It is great to have supportive family, friends and caregivers that support you with dressing. I know a great company that sells clothing with brail on it for only $6. The clothing is trendy and the customer service techs take their time explaining the clothing and being very patient. The website is My friend uses it and the site is for physically disable people also. The site will be back up in November. The clothing is so cute

Re:does clothing interest blind ladies?

im sorry ladies i never intended for any one to be offended by this question thankyou for responding to my question -it is for a university fashion project . a member of my family recently lost their sight which has intrested me in my new project- so people who lose thier sight or have been born blind are still interested in clothing and i was wondering what thier views on body image and apperance are .it seems form the responses here they are just the same as ladies with full eyesight ????an endless debate

Re:does clothing interest blind ladies?

I think all females and males, blind, partially sighted or totally sighted are intrested in the latest fashion trends. People will tell you if you are not put together right, it don't matter if you are thin or larger, what matters is that you are at a healthy weight per your doctors recomendations. I'm 5'8" and i have a large frame for a female and I'll never be what society considers thin. I shop at Layne Bryant and Fashion bug because I'm a size 18/20 and I know it's not society's ideal, but when i come out of the dressing room with some help from my sisters and my boyfriend i know i'll end up looking stylish.
Also what this former fitness trainer needs to keep in mind that she's probally very thin weather it be by choice or genetics and not to judge someone's health by her own experience.

Re:does clothing interest blind ladies?

There is no reason to blow up over this. I was simply annsering a question and this is my opinion. I did not once bring up the fact about blind people being secluded. I know some are and it is awful. I did not say I would not be friends with over weight people, I know plenty of them too. As I said in my posting, my husband was with me and that is how I know what people look like. I have not always been blind and I use to be a personal trainer, and when I worked with over weight people they also said it themselves; how ugly they felt and looked and they were sited people.
So if you think I am so crule, maybe it is because I lost my mother, and grandfather, and aunt who were all over weight to heart disease. Just listen to the news and you will hear how big the obesity problem is in America. Whether I use the word fat, heavy, or over weight, is my business. It all means the same thing.

Re:does clothing interest blind ladies?

Most individuals are interested in clothing and those who are blind may not have the ability to pay for current trends or what others may consider fashionable. Your remark 'Fat is unattractive" is one that you may one day regret having made. After all being blind and independent wherther in polyester pants, flowered shirts, or stylish modern day clothing (Which by some standards is ugly and most women will not wear) is far greater an asset than being seclude and never venturing in the outside world.

I am who I am, a large person and yet I have friends who are thin, my husband loves me as I am, and my family does not care that I am large. The size of my body does not make who I am inside nor does it affect the ability of one to learn that being cruel by making remarks that attack ones self-esteem is wrong.

My clothing consist mostly of black and white to aid in allowing me the opportunity to care for my own things without ruining a complete wardrobe. I hope that you will take the opportunity to assess the person for who they are not what they look like by asking yourself what if that was me how would others accept me would they stop caring or being my friend or family member? If you are blind how do you know what they looked like in the first place?

Re:does clothing interest blind ladies?

In my case; I love to shop. I try to keep up with new fashions and I usually shop with my sisters, because they will tell me the truth if something looks good or not.
I like to have manicures, pedicures, and go to the hair dresser too. I don’t wear a lot of make-up, but I ware a little. I also keep up with my health and appearances. I love to walk with my Seeing Eye dog, and like to keep thin. I went to a convention with my husband and he could not believe what some of the other blind people were wearing. The awful polyester pants with plain or horrible big flower shirts. I also know a lot of blind people who are terribly over weight. I don’t understand why this is, but maybe some don’t understand that fat is unattractive.

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