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You know I was thinking... I bet blind people could wake up in their dreams and just stay awake in their dream world instead of returning to this world... basically like an extended OBE(out of body expericence)...hmmm... Have been doing some research with this stuff and seems to me that someday blindness may even be a thing of the past for that reason alone...(blind people being able to wake up in their dreams)
What do you think? Have you ever heard of such a thing? Any blind people themselves care to comment?

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Re: The Blind Dreams

Last night I drempt that I was flying over the worlds tallest ferris wheel being built next to the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Nevada USA.


Hi, I am Martin, I am not a blind person. I am here because I am really intrested in the way blind people dream. I want to know if blind people dream, if they can remember something of their dreams.
I think that somehow for non blind people the eyes represses us because we are comparing ourselves to others, we are too much concerned about the way people see us, and I think blind people don´t suffer that.


I am very curious as to a person who congentivly blind[ I hope this is the correct term for being blind from birth] would be able to tell me what it is it you experience when you dream, for example do you see things as you think they are or do you experience sound and feelings. I really love to hear anything anyone could offer me. Thanks very much. Wain


It would be a nice dream if one day blindness was all together eliminated however we older people may not see that. They have come a part of the way which is a small step.
As to living in your dream world I am not sure I would want to not that having dreams isnt a good thing however in retrospect reality is what we have. We can make our lives our dreams. In my reality I have my son and my life partner and thats all I want. To feel and be loved is a dream enough for me.

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