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Dreams & Frustrations

I'm a drama student from the UK and I am going to be doing a performance on the theme of dreams and frustrations with specific focus on the dreams of the visually impaired and other forms of disability. Please could anyone give me any information (it will be confidential) on what your dreams/aspirations are and also any frustrations that are connected to this (eg if you are unable to fulfil your dream). Also, I would be interested to know how your sleeping dreams 'appear' to you - for instance, if you have experience of sight but are now blind and you encounter someone whom you have never actually seen in your dreams - do you imagine a face? Or maybe you have always been blind - in which case, when you dream, do you remember it? Are your dreams formed from sound?? I would greatly appreciate any feedback and help.

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Re:Dreams & Frustrations

I don't know what your degree is but why would you not use your degree anymore? Example a RN works at the bedside but has other specialties to go into in nursing you don't have to work at the bedside.

Re:Dreams & Frustrations

Would just like to thank everyone who replied to my post - Thanks For The Help! Thought you might like to know that in the end, I am doing a piece of drama about the choices we make in life in order to reach our dreams and how whatever the outcome of these choices, good or bad, they ultimately make us who we are and are a part of us. All the best, Helen x

Re:Dreams & Frustrations

i know you posted this a while ago, but my dream is to work at NASA, But it would be really hard to do what i want to do because i am legally blind.

Re:Dreams & Frustrations


I have a story for you. I am not completely blind YET. But because of my vision problems I not only have had to put my dreams for the future in the never going to happen section now but I can not ever use my college degree now because of my vision.

If you would like to hear my story I have a website it is if there is any additional info you want after reading that email me at

I have several other conditions other then vision impairment in which you can hear about on my website.

Talk to you later.


Re:Dreams & Frustrations

If you "surf" the Message Boards, you'll find exchanges of personal experiences that I think you might find useful. Sometimes the kind of information you're seeking will be under the topics and subjects where you might not expect to find them,

Hope this helps.

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