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would anyone be willing to tell me how the blind dream? What happens? how does one percieve the dream state?

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Also, if you could email a response to me that would be brilliant - thanks for all the help i would love to hear from anyone


IloveElias, I found your response for this fascinating, the truth of it is that it sounds very similar to the dreams of people who can see, often important details are missed out, such as colours and peoples faces, however we still know who and what they are in our minds; the detail is not needed. Is this the same with imagination.. day dreams? do you form images in your mind of what people describe or what you feel in order to compensate for not seeing it? I think this is a beautiful action, as it shows just how capable the human mind is at forming images, we can almost make them appear how we want them to.
I'm currently producing a student film, in which we are exploring a blind character, however rather than showing the troubles that they go through we decided to opt for a more artistic approach. We want to show how, although they cannot see, it does not mean they cannot imagine. We are exploring the imagination of this character whilst they narrate what they are seeing - obviously we need this to be accurate and not offend anyone, so it would be a great help if you could provide us with any information on the matter, not just for the film, but for ourselves as we have built a certain interest for the matter whilst developing our idea.


Thats interesting. I have a 5 yr. old son. He was diagnosed with LCA. And when he dreams..wakes up crying....shakes during sleeps...its interesting to get some prospect on this. Thanks. Elizabeth&Alex


they dream through their senses. at least that is what my ex told me


I wish I'd joined this board earlier. I see that you posted way back in January.
Anyway, I've been blind all my life, I was born that way, and I do dream. I had one dream when I was little, where I actually knew that I was dreaming. Most of the time of course, your asleep, and don't realize that your dreaming until you wake up. But I remember lying on the livingroom floor, and I could feel myself going into a dream. I've never had that happen again, but it was pretty interesting.
As far as dreams in general, I've had lots of them. I'm not sure exactly what your questions are, so this explanation could get long. Lol. Anyway, I've had people ask me if I dream in color? And do I see people when I dream, see what they look like? Or, if I'm dreaming, if there are objects in my dream, say an animal, a table, what have you, do I know what it looks like?
So, to the first question, I usually don't dream in color. However, I do know what colors are, the general ones. For example, if I hear the word blue, I think of the sky, the ocean, or someone's shirt.
Green I associate with the grass.
White, black, brown/tan I associate with a person's skin color.
Red I associate with flames or passion, or blood. Some people may find that morbid, but I don't.
Anyway, you get the idea.
On to the second question, if I dream about someone I know, then I already know what they look like, so yes I see them. If I'm dreaming about someone I don't know, if I dream about a baby for example, then I generally know what they look like, but I don't get into the characteristics that would separate one baby from another. So, I know that babies are small, so in my dream, their small, but I don't see eye color, hair color, etc.
If I dream that I'm in need of assistance, and a police officer comes up, then I know he/she's wearing a blue uniform, that they have a gun & a badge on them, etc, but again, I won't see facial characteristics, hair color or eye color..
And finally for the third question, I know what an object looks like. So if I'm dreaming that I'm talking to someone, and we're sitting in chairs, I see the chairs. Not in color, but if you asked me about it the next morning, I could tell you that we were sitting in chairs talking.
I hope this helps clarify things for you somewhat. It'd be easier to explain in person, so if you need more of an explanation, don't hesitate to ask.
I've done public speaking all my life to both children and adults, so I'm usually good at answering their questions.

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