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Either i am too independent or not enough

im 21 and blind in one eye and i have very poor vision in my right eye that is correctable by corrective lenses. I have no depth perception at all and still bump into things and walk with my head down so i dont hits things and still do. idk sometimes i just CANT see stuff (i use narrator and thunder on my computer so that i dont have to wear my glasses so much around the house) for some reason my good eye (right eye) has been hurting and just acting up.

anyways most ppl in my family (that i dont get to see that often) treats me like im a lost puppy which gets annoying at times because since they are not around me a lot they arent not sure wat i can and cant do.

and the other half of the family that i do see more oftern treat me like a regular person which is great but at the same time it isnt because they see me as not abnormal at all. its as if they forget i cant see in one eyes and still have trouble.

like if i use or even talk about braille or technological aide that i use or need they dont care dont want to listen or even cover their ears.

they make me feel embaressed about something thats not my fault. they make me feel like im basically over doing it i guess. but how am i over doing it of your talking to me on my blind side and you get mad when i dont realize it. idk maybe i am over reacting and thinking too into it but if this is how they treat me just as a visually impaired person will it be like this or even worse if i do go blind...........................

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Re: Either i am too independent or not enough

I often find that what i call being fake sighted. I tend to overly pretend I can see things so that it appears I am sighted when really its just being overly familiar with a situation. I know part of that is my need for routine due to Autism but I think it can exacerbate things like at work. I finally got my white cane and have been using it to get off the bus when I get to work but haven't been using it on the floor still too self conscious about it. in public like at the mall people go out of their way to help or for example because i have autism I really hate it when people touch me, it seriously makes my skin crawl unless I am the one initiating contact I had this women while I was in line at Starbucks ordering grab my shoulders and move me to the other end to "help" me. I didn't want to be rude but i felt it was rude of her to grab me.

Re: Either i am too independent or not enough

I am new to sthis site and wow I am impressed with it all already. I am in the same boat in terms of people who kow me really well tend to forget that I am visually impaired. I have no depth perception. I have had that problem mostly at work people and customers (I work in retail) I tend to be what I call a fake sighted person I have come up with ways of dealing to make it look like I am more sighted than I am and that makes it hard for people to help me. Most recently i got my cane and that ....well I thought I Was prepared for what people would react like tat I don't want to use it at work it makes me fearful.

Re: Either i am too independent or not enough

I get similar things about the uncertainty, and I have been blind all my life. My immediate family is easy-going with the blind thing. We joke about it. "Oh, Blake can drive us home!" or someone might accidentally ask me what color something is without thinking and I'll just laugh and they do too. A good way to show people you actually can do things is if you volunteer to do them before they offer help. For instance, I was walking with a girl in school once and I knew to walk very fast or she would think I was lost. In the end she was out of breath keeping up and complemented me.

By the way Ehuffman, is that chatline for adults only? Just curious.

Re:Either i am too independent or not enough

i love your blog

Re:Either i am too independent or not enough

unfortunately, that is just the way it is in most cases. I have heard from several people that their family treats them that way. From personal experience I know it to be true as well. The important thing to remember is to not let it get you down. The fact that you are being proactive is wonderful. It puts you ahead of the game if you ever do loose your sight fully.

People just have a tendency to treat things that are foreign to them as a bad thing. The fact of the matter is that if more people just educated themselves, they would know that blindness isn't the end of the world and should in no way be thought of as the plague. It's not contagious, nor is it necessarily a negative thing.

There are many helpful resources out there and I encourage you to utilize as many as you can get your hands on. I reccomend learning braille now as well. I didn't learn when I still had sight and I regret it very much.

I would like to invite you to my site called Playing The Blind Card. It looks at the brighter side to blindness. There are funny stories as well as inspirational ones. There are more serious articles that are meant to be helpful. There is also a pole there you can vote on. The latest feature is you can hit the facebook like button as another way to get updates about the site. There are comment sections where you can ask questions, share your own experiences or connects with another person who has already commented. I hope to have a general message board up and tunning soon as well. Also, if you click the follow link it will allow to to receive updates via Email. The site hasn't been up for long but I have lots of ideas to make it bigger and better. I hope you visit soon and also feel free to Email me. I'll leave my information below.

Re:Either i am too independent or not enough

Hello Britnay,

I did too. I have graduated now though. If you'd ever like to chat, call in to the daily connection.
It is a chatline for visually impaired people. No, not that kind of chat line, but a social thing. lol.
If you like to talk about technology, I have a tech night. It is every Tuesday at 6 P.M> PST, 9 P.M> EST in room three, the cantina.

What do you do? What are you studying?

How are you doing today?

Re:Either i am too independent or not enough

i do both

Re:Either i am too independent or not enough

Hello again,

You are welcome. Most people do not recognize the differencce between someone who is low vision and someone who is totally blind. However, you have to accept you including your limitations and capabilities. I understnad the difficulties you face.
Are you a student, or do you work


Re:Either i am too independent or not enough

oh thank you so much. I really do appreciate that. its hard being stuck in the half blind world because to outsiders your never blind enough. and most people with white cants are not even totally blind anyways.

Re:Either i am too independent or not enough


I understand your frustration. I prefer the normalcy treatment to the uncertainty you get from other family members though. It is a balancing act that is still difficult, though I have been blind since birth. It isjust something you may have to accept.
I am always here to listen.


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