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Eye Patch to Correct Partially Blind Lazy Eye

I have been blind in my right eye basically since birth due to Retinopthy of Prematurity. About 80% vision loss in that eye due to scar tissue blocking my retina. I can only see from the inner corner of my eye. My brain has turned off my sight in that eye, meaning I have to think about it, and concentrate to use it, and I quickly develop a mild headache and get tired. The eye is lazy and it just destroys my self-confidence when I see myself in photos or look in the mirror. People used to comment on it all the time when I was in school. I feel like it is destroying my dating prospects. Anyways I was considering wearing an eye patch on my left eye to see if it would help, since I do have some vision, although it is mostly shapes and colors that fade to shadows as I grow tired of using the eye. Has anyone ever tried this? I have never gone through surgery so I have a fear of it (being under anesthesia, never waking up) so the corrective surgery is my last resort (and it doesn't even a lot of the time).

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Re: Eye Patch to Correct Partially Blind Lazy Eye

I tried when I was 4. I've been legally blind since birth. It really didn't work. I was picked on in school a lot for it to. I still get stares from people when I go to the store. But I've learned that most people don't say anything or if they do its simply out if curiosity. Don't let it get you down.

Re: Eye Patch to Correct Partially Blind Lazy Eye

Yes. But my eye isn't lazy just mostly blind. My parents made me wear the patch it my teens. I hated it so after two years of wearing it for a few hours everyday I refused to use it. By then my parents were told it doesn't work anyway unless your eyes are still developing (ie when you are a baby or child.) But you never know. I thought about using the patch once in a while as an adult just to practice navigating with my blind eye. But then I realized people would stare at me. So I didn't try that.

Re: Eye Patch to Correct Partially Blind Lazy Eye


I would definitely speak with an Ophthalmologist about treatment options. Eye patching is typically ineffective in adults, though I have heard of possible alternatives.

Is your only concern the appearance, or are you finding it difficult to complete everyday tasks with your visual impairment? If so, I recommend vision rehabilitation services. You can find a local service provider here: and learn more about VR services here:

I am saddened to read your frustration with the appearance of your eye. I'm sure you're not alone. However, many people with visual impairments are confident and recognize their visual impairment/ look of an eye or eyes is one part of who they are. I think if the appearance of a wandering eye made you unattractive to a romantic interest, that's probably not a person you'd want to pursue. People have unique features, and that's a beautiful thing. You want someone who loves you, and all that makes you who you are.

Shannon Carollo

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