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Financing a prosthetic

I have been blind i n my left eye for almost 10 years due to domestic violence. I have recently had constant SEVER pain inmy eye and the dr. wants to remove it (this is a last resort, nothing else has worked for the pain). My insuance covers the implany (plain "ball" for the socket) but not the prostetic eye that makes you look "normal". I am a 30 year old single mother who can not afford the $2600 - $2800 prosthetic. Are there and organizations that may help pay? Thanks for any leads.

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Re:Financing a prosthetic

Hi there,

I don't happen to know the answer to your question, but I tend to think there is some sort of financing for you. I would also like to recommend Jahrling Ocular Prosthetics located in Boston and they also have an office in Maryland I believe. Best of luck to you!

Re:Financing a prosthetic

I dont know where your from maam but Dean mcgee in Oklahoma city did mine, Nancy townsend was the oculaist or how ever you spell i was off work due to my eyes and it hasnt cost me one cent! they have been wonderful they had payment assistance and in my case they paid for everything including maitenance they are still doing. goo luck

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