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Finding a career

I'm 28 and I'm legally blind my vision is 20/200 I see clear but I do have to read and look at books very closely objects are fine and while I want to do something in the medical field I feel my vision isn't good enough to do that I'm also into technology and I'm just confused on what to get my degree as please I need advice

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Re: Finding a career

what part of the medical field, it's so broad. I.E. I would think with that kind of vision you could probably be a physical therapist, but probably couldn't be a thoracic surgeon. Even with you're liking of technology... I've been in IT for 13 years, but I've had roles from production support to Software configuration management, and am currently doing problem management. So for example, would you want to be a programmer, or a DBA, or a project manager? there's lots of roles to target.
I work for Bank of America, we have a technical hub in Jacksonville. So if you could give me a bit more on what you want to do (specifics if any) I might be able to better suggest.

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