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First Aid Kit for people with visual impairment

My name is Drew Brisley and I am a design student at NC state. I am working on a project where the goal is to develop a first aid kit for people who are visually impaired. I wanted to ask a few questions before I continue on my project.

What types of injuries do you feel most susceptible to?

Where do these injuries most commonly occur?

Because of being unable to access or use a first aid kit, have you been forced to seek additional medical attention?

Would it be beneficial for you to have a first aid kit on your body at all times?

Thanks in advance for your responses

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Re: First Aid Kit for people with visual impairment

I happened to see a talking first aid kit on the Bay Area Digital site yesterday, and thought of this discussion. I don't know anything about it, only the description on the site.

Re: First Aid Kit for people with visual impairment

I agree with the person with some useable vision who said blind people are no more in need of a First Aid kit than are sighted folks. However, First Aid kits are useful for all of us. I am totally blind. I label bottles or tubes in braille which may be included in such a kit. I have been through big storms and such where having a First Aid kit is useful. However, the disability angle is only important as far as labeling pills, creams, disinfectant and so on. Visually impaired people are probably less likely to injure ourselves than are sighted folks because we know enough to stay conscious about movement. Having a disability tends to center a person in this way. Having access to good First Aid instructions is also useful. I am glad that the National Library Service NLS and bookshare have books on first aid in their collections.

Re: First Aid Kit for people with visual impairment

Hi, I am '"legally" blind. I have low vision. This is a progressive condition. I have only been functionally limited for about two years. I am a retired physician. I don't think that a blind person would incur different injuries than a sighted person. I think that a first aid kit should focus on labeling (perhaps color coding, or braile, or both) I mention the color coding as an example because I do not read braile but I cannot read most labels or printed instructions because they are too small. I often recognize a product by the color or design on the label. I hope this is helpful.

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