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fitness for the blind

looking for a verbal description of yoga positions

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Re: fitness for the blind

I walk rather briskly but am finiding as I just started using the cane that it slows me down abit. I have been using a video walking program to keep up my fitness but it has been hard. ANyone using a cane that can give me better walking tips for fitness with it?

Re: fitness for the blind

Keeping blood sugars in a normal range goes along with physical fitness. A remarkable tool for blind/low vision diabetics is Viadrop. It allows lancing and testing all in one step.
Check it out!

Re: fitness for the blind

I used to go for a brisk walk but that is not so easy with a cane. Crashing into sign posts is no fun, believe me! A good stationary bike and stair stepper is a good idea and how I stay in good cardio shape.


Re:fitness for the blind

Need info in NYC re teaching martial arts defense to the blind, both children & adults.

Re:fitness for the blind

I'm interested in any discussion concerning fitness prgrams for blind/v.i.
Recently opened a gym for our blind day program participants, and also do regular 5k's.
Please tell me about the black belt training.
doug scott...N.J.

Re:fitness for the blind

I have found aikido very good to keep your self fit hand happy and iit is so much fun i have just got my blak belt and now i am going for my next black beltd i cant wait

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