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Getting one eye removed

Im Chrsitine im 17 years old , ive been blind in my right eye since i can remember , and lately ive been thinking about getting it removed and getting a prosthetic to put in its place , but i dont know anyone who has gone through this procedure before , so id really appreciate some opinions , to help me make this decision. thanks

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Re:Getting one eye removed

Hello, I am 49 and have been blind legally in my left eye since I can remember. Up until 2006 when I had retinal detachment repair, I had next to no issues with that eye, now i am in pain daily, have secondary glacoma with uncontrolled pressures even after surgery, I am sick of being sick and in pain. I do believe this is a very personal decision, myself, I have never had vision in that eye so I have adjusted well I think. I want my eye out and the Dr's want me to be sure, wondering if I might suffer a sympathetic reaction in my good eye, but I feel if all these years have passed and the many complications with my left eye you would think I would have already developed some kind of sympathetic reaction. anyway, You have to weigh the benifits for you personaly and I will keep you in my prayers. Good Luck!

Re:Getting one eye removed

My son had his left eye removed in october. The surgury wasn't bad and now he wears his prothesis without complaint.

Re:Getting one eye removed

I can not see out of one of my eyes. It gives me pain so I am going to get it taken out. I think it is the right thing to do but that is just me. I don't like going though pain. Sometimes it would work me up out of my sleep and that is just not fun at all. But it is up to you I am like some months late of this but hay I still say what I think. I am 17 also I will bne 18 in 2009 I can not wait. So I hope that helps you out.
My name is Little Lady

Re:Getting one eye removed

Hi there,

Due to a field hockey injury I had to have my eye removed and an implant put in. Doing that took away most of my chances of getting sympathetic opthalmia and nine years later the prosthetic is still working out really well. Up to this point I have never had any sort of infections or bad reaction to the implant and it looks very much like my seeing eye.

I recommend getting a second, third, and fourth opinion from doctors before you make a final decision. Removal can be a healthy option, but once done you can't undo it so make sure its the right decision for you.

Best of luck,

Re:Getting one eye removed

i dont think you should remove unless its necessary, does it look different from the other one? im 20 years old and i had my left eye removed from i was 10. removing your eye comes with alot of difficulties,, the prosthetic might irriate your socket like how it does mine and you'll always have to be extra carefull in sporting activities (including swimming) remove it only if it looks weird compared to the other one. good luck

Re:Getting one eye removed

Hey yall!
I had my left eye removed awhile back and a new prostetic made for it. My new eye looks alot better than the old one and goes without people looking at it as they did with my old one.I think it was a good move. I would do it again!

Re:Getting one eye removed

Hey, I have never had sight in my right eye either, and although it is painful somedays, and it does look different (blue, usually red, and smaller) Personally, I would do everything but remove my eye. Wiether that be using eyedrops or anything.

Re:Getting one eye removed

hey thx for the response , my eye looks semi normal its just a lil gray looking , and im afraid my eye color is gunna keep fading.

Re:Getting one eye removed

Hi Chrsitine,

I'm blind in one eye but never thought about replacing it. My eye looks perfectly normal to others so I don't see any advantage in replacing it...

Does youe eye look normal to others???

Lloyd in DryLanta

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