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Gift Shopping for people with vision loss

With the holidays approaching, it's time for one and all to agonize over gifts for our friends and loved ones. We know that many in the sighted community struggle to think of suitable gifts for those who have vision loss, even though it's not as different from the rest of their gift list as they think.

In the spirit of holiday good will, let's give them some ideas. What do we want for Christmas?

I'll start - I need a new winter coat, some nice perfume, maybe some CDs and an MP3 Player.

What's on your wish list?

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Re: Gift Shopping for people with vision loss

You can gift your loved ones dealing with vision loss any aid that could solve their purpose in reading or mobility. Live Braille Mini is a mobility aid which has two ultrasonic sensors that work in tandem to detect how far an obstacle is.
Just a suggestion..

Re: Gift Shopping for people with vision loss

Shadows in the Dark offers a wide selection of Braille Greeting Cards and Braille Playing cards. And a large assortment of other Specialty Gift items.

Re:Gift Shopping for people with vision loss

thanks for some ideas. my boyfriend is blind. I was able toget some cologne for him and body wash. so do cd,s and other stuff that people can listen to might help me out on what to get him thanks. please email me at for more gift ideas for christmas or birthday ideas please. thanks.

Re:Gift Shopping for people with vision loss

I know this is VERY LATE for a Christmas gift...but an idea for maybe a birthdayy gift is a Zoom-text 9.0.
I love mine...It's a great program and it has a magnifier (all the way to 20X ) as well as a document reader...
just a suggestion...

Re:Gidt Shopping for people with vision loss

Well I wish for my son to continue to be well and my fiancee to get better. For myself I would like a new pot and pan set.

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