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Going blind and going crazy!!!

I have read much of the replies on this message board and find the people to be wonderful and so very helpful! I am still in shock after losing my vision in my left eye and now my right eye is 20/300. I was a nurse untill August, 2004 and have been unable to work or function as well as I would like to. I am not boo hooing but the rug was jerked out from under my feet and now?____ I can't drive, I stumble and fall when walking on surfaces that are uneven. I have a 14 year old daughter and a 30 year old wonderful wife that I seem distanced from now. I don't know where to start. I would like to continue to work but how as a nurse ( which was my passion!) how do I get a cane? The doctors here seem so disinterested (or maybe uneducated) about my blindness as if I should stop and it's over. My doctor simply wrote me a prescription for a cane and sent me on my way. When I got to the store, I see all these different canes and have no idea which one to get, how to measure for one,how to use the one I do get and so on. I know this is a lot of information at one time, but I feel so alone and depressed about this situation. I live in a small town in WV and there seems to be no resources for the blind at all. I have filed for my disability and even their doctors say it was a formality but boy try to get through that jargon of red tape. If no one has any solutions, that's OK. I sure thank everyone for their help and taking time to read this rather lengthy posting. I am a 35 year old male and would really like to become independent again! Take care to all and God bless!

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Re:Going blind and going crazy!!!

Re:Going blind and going crazy!!!

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Re:Going blind and going crazy!!!

Your like me differnce is your already nurse I want to be a nurse anyway you do not need a cane you need visual aids a hands free device on your face like glasses these glasses have a flat monular on it they are called Ocutech you will have to go to your low vision eye doctor so he can perscribe it for you or if you need something really quick try this tiny attachable to your own glasses make sure the glasses are sterdy

Re:Going blind and going crazy!!!

Hi my name is amanda. i am 28 years old and am legally blind. i have optic neuritis due to multiple sclerosis. my new opthamologist told me in september that i have 20/400 vision and counting fingers at 6 inches which means i can't see more then that. i got diagnosed with it 4 years ago and it has progressed slowly up until this summer. i finally just got back into an adult high school to be able to graduate in january. it has been very hard on me but even more so for my husband our 3 kids who are 8,7 and 6 plus our families. i have lost most of my independence but with my white cane i have gained some of it back. the only thing i am trying to do now is trying to accept the fact that i am going to lose all my sight eventually and not see my kids grow up. its very hard but like i keep telling my 6 year old, all anybody can do is to think positive! thats the best advice i can give to anyone

Re:Going blind and going crazy!!!

I understand where you are coming from im 26 and have recently beeen registered blind and become a single mum to my 2 year old daughter, there are times when i find it hard, but i refuse to give in, im now doing mobillty training with my white symbol cane and on the waiting list for an assistance dog, im off work at the moment but hope to go back real soon. Good luck and all the best, Dawn

Re:Going blind and going crazy!!!

I am posting this on the behalf of me and my daughter, first let me say I am so grateful something like this exists and in large print. i am not going blind i do suffer from a horrible disease so depression despair and thoughts of defeat are a normal part of my thoughts as well. My daughter has cerebral palsey 21 but mentally between 7,9 13 and 15 long story any way she has had surgeries on her eyes and has had glasses forever. about 6months ago she got new glasses and bifocals and was so happy she was able to see how beautiful her dog is but now she can only see shadows with glasses and nothing without them. we dont know who we are supposed to go see to get diagnosis help she is supposed to go see someone to learn jow to function with cane in public but she is directionally impaired she cant even figure out how to get back to where she is supposed to be in a walmart she has been going to for years. How can i let her go out and do this when she cant even do that and who is she supposed to contact. as far as i cant see the names but wanting an efriend and the one who started this and all of you, I couldnt imagine llosing my sight I have a hard time because i endure mass pain and am headed for a wheelchair but i know this We cannot let these things defeat us. We are weak but we are strong. I agree with prayer and here you have a community of like minded people whom to draw strength from. Friendship is an empowerment and the more supply of friends the stronger you can be. Hold out your hand keep your head up feet forward wether in a wheelchair or not and aim forward on high dragging behind you and linked in front of you a imaginary rope that binds, ties you all together. Imagine chain gangs that tied together when one would fall they would help each other up to stand and keep going. Well you guys can do that here. Be stronger then the empairment and help those whom are also struggling because in turn you are helping yourself. I know that with blind if you loose one sense your others get more acute but I have learned through my daughter that that isnt the only thing that gets stronger so does your sense of humor justice intelligence and your big hearts and compassion so I may loose my legs but I will be alive to love and share and help others so good luck and hang on to each other. You can go blind but you can be a brightness in someones day and you to can recieve that brightness.

Re:Going blind and going crazy!!!

Look up on any booksite ('s a good one) the book Tapping Your Way Through Life: I Married a Blind Man. It's about a woman who married a blind man and reports social implications today, what to do/not do, and is filled with useful info. Should be on every educator's 'must read' list. Not a book "for the blind, by the blind", nor holds sensational info--just people trying to get through life and hit with blindness.

Re:Going blind and going crazy!!!

hi this is dee again thaats whats happened to my reading and typing ability i get lost so anyway now my dribing during daytime is almost over, i miss my reading im currently having a setup surgery for my pressure in my eyes the doc could only do half of the surgey on my eye so the 23 of oct i go back and finishh the surgery on my left eye its been a long process and not finished yet, i have lost quite abit of vision in my eyes in one yr. so this srugery will hopefully keep what little vilion i have left theres a chavce of retinal detachment i already have several blind sopots which distorts my seeing so far the healing process has been good so i pray the surgery will save my eyesi its scary to think of my world being dark but i ho[e to whatever god gives me ill do my best to deal with it take care

Re:Going blind and going crazy!!!

hi iam deanna and i can relate to bad eyesight i am 48 ihave aloays been severely nearsighted so i know what its like tts like to live in a blurry world, ihave always been able t o drive during day hours but only in familiar plces mostly rural areas where not much traffic but as i aged so did my poor eyes 7 yrs ago i was diagnoesed wthglaucoma i had a buckle five yrs ago on my good eye now 5yrs ago daytime

Re:Going blind and going crazy!!!

My 19 year old Nephew is going blind. We all knew for years that he could loose his sight,but now that it's happening the reality of it has been very difficult. He will be going i to mobilty training and after that he hopes to get a dog, or as I call the "angels". My question to all of you is what can I do to make a difference for him? My sister is emotionally and financially drained, so I would like to do whatever I can to make it easier on everyone. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. My email is As I say to my nephew and I will say to all you " your the bravest person I have ever met, you are my hero"!

Re:Going blind and going crazy!!!

Sorry for the typos,
The FFB convention is in 2007.

Re:Going blind and going crazy!!!

Learn more and more. I went to a Foundation Fighting Blindness convention 4 years ago to get answers on driving, using a cane, family expectatioms etc. They will have tapes from the upcoming convention in July 2003. Order form blindness,org.
It seems awful to give up one's independence, but friends, the state and other helpers may pull through for you. The hardest thing is to ask.
I have found tools through the LS&S catalog. The owner's dad went blind. They have everything from "Slim Jack" (maybe it's Slim Jim) canes to tv remotes.
I find exercise eases my worries.
The good news is, it is not life threatening. Stay firm about not driving. Use a big flash light at night. Use a cane. Do whatever you have to to adapt.
If all out fails, a good scream session in the woods help.
Hang in there.

Re:Going blind and going crazy!!!

hi to you my friend i ma be able to help you. my name is wilfred rolle i have help people who was blind for 7 years
call me phone 786-291-5723

Re:Going blind and going crazy!!!

I'm sorry to say, but sir it can be worst, I've been half-blind all my life and i'm only 18, u think u got it bad, think again.

Re:Going blind and going crazy!!!

Hey Robert Williams,

I am not familiar with macular degeneration but after trying out a special diet (The Recipe for Living Without Disease by Aajonus Vonderplanitz) my pancreas cells seem to be regenerating damaged cells.

Perhaps the diet/info in the book may alleviate your condition somewhat? Previously I was very hypoglycemic and things have improved greatly. Hope to be of help to ya. ;)

Re:Going blind and going crazy!!!

My name is Robert Williams. I live on the western slope of Colorado in a rural area. I’m 63 years old and retired. A year and a half ago I went for my annual eye exam by my optometrist. He went through his usual routine but was uncomfortably quiet when the exam was complete. Usually, a jovial fellow, he would not look me directly in the eye (no pun intended). He finally turned to me and advised me that I had the beginnings of a disease called Macular Degeneration (MD). I was familiar with this disease because it killed my father… not the disease itself actually but his loss of sight and the insanity that accompanied it killed him. I decided to go to a higher authority and made an appointment with the best Ophthalmologist in the area and he confirmed the diagnosis and watched the progress every six months. Last Tuesday was my most recent exam. My MD was progressing but slowly so there is a strong possibility that I will not see the effects for another two years… plus or minus (they just can’t tell you).

Having said that, it just hit me yesterday… the fact that I would be going blind soon and it drove me into a state of self pity and despair that I have never experienced before in my life, yes… it took that long. I finally realized that my eyes are the center of my universe. I like to work in my woodshop, paint, cartoon, write, practice gourmet cooking, read a lot about physics. And not a day goes by that I don’t enjoy the visions of nature around me not to mention the fact that I make my living these days trading stocks on the internet. With those activities in mind blindness leaves me with nothing.

Now, add to this the complication of my wife of 28 years who I love dearly and is eleven years my junior. What will this do to her? What a deal she got…huh? Well she become my caretaker, (Oh boy, I’ll bet she can’t wait) my errand boy, buy me my wine, cook my dinners, is that fair? And what shall I do all day, how can I be productive at even one percent of my current activity? Who’s gonna fix the swamp cooler? Who’s gonna clean the pond filter? Who’s gonna wash windows? It goes on and on…! And I CAN STILL SEE. This is like having a time bomb in your lap and you don’t know when it will go off.

I’ve got this dog, well actually I’ve got two dogs but the particular dog I’m referring to is named January… January 97 is her full name because that’s when she showed up on my deck but I digress. January, the dog, has diabetes now and is totally blind. I give her two shots of insulin a day… been doing it for four years. She went blind slowly but she went blind. Now get this… her tail still wags constantly and she’s happy as can be running around our ranch watching out for the chickens and goats blind as a bat… doing her job. We all could take a lesson from January… but she has one small advantage, an edge, she has a seeing eye cat called Ramon.

I’ve discussed my situation with my wonderful wife and she’s afraid I might go out to the back of our acreage and pop myself in the head with my 9mm… which is a viable alternative for me at this time because I have no concept of what I will be dealing with. But until then I’ll take one day at a time and be grateful for every day I can see.

I appreciate and thank you all for expressing of your experiences. It gives me hope for the things that will come… maybe I should try to learn to sing opera… I might get a gig with Sara Brightman.


Robert Williams

Re:Going blind and going crazy!!!

Please reach out the local Lions Club in your area. They are the largest service organization in the world, and they "specialize" in sight and hearing related work. Plus, I can guarantee you that you would enjoy being member of your local club to help out other sight and hearing impaired people! Go to to find a Lions Club in your town. Best of luck to my freind you as you deal with your challenges.

Re:Going blind and going crazy!!!

going blind and going crazy just about covers it. I am a 42 yr old woman who has been loosing her sight since age 28. It has just now gotten to the point where life has gone from REALY frustrating to, well, not worth the trouble - sometimes. If you are fealing any of the same emotions i am (and i'm sure you are) than i send you all i can - my very best.

Re:Going blind and going crazy!!!

West Virginia has an excellent rehabilitation system for blind and visually impaired individuals who want to continue to work. If you are interested in continuing to work, they can provide mobility training, vocational training, daily living skills training - and more. The state rehab center is in Charleston, and if you are deemed eligible to receive services there they will even arrange for someone to drive you there if you can't get there on your own.

You can find some information on the center at:

However your best bet is to call or email your local rehabilitation counselor - be sure to let them know that you are interested in getting information for the blind - as not all counselors handle visually impaired clients. You can find a list of WVDRS offices online at:

Or you can email me and tell me where you live and I'll get you the number for the office in your district.

Don't despair. Help is out there! I'm in West Virginia and understand the difficulties of living in a rural community. If I can be of further assistance, feel free to email me at

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Re:Going blind and going crazy!!!

I wanted to respond to jlhallco. My heart goes out to you. I am sorry for your sadness. I want you to know that I am going to pray for you. I am so happy you have your dogs. Dogs are such beautiful souls. I pray that you find peace in this very difficult time. If you are ever feeling lonely, try talking to God. He is the only one who can take your fears away! Rememeber he will never leave you!! HE loves you very much!! Hang in there!!

Re:Going blind and going crazy!!!

I too felt like I was going crazy when losing my sight. However there are several very good organizatons that can help. I too live in an exremely rural area, 45 minutes to the nearest grocery store.
I highly suggest you contact the Department of Rehabilitation in your state. The Blind Services Counselors is who you need to make contact with. They help to provide mobility instructers, to help with cane skills and public transportation.
To order a white lond cane those carried by the blind you can order through Maxi Aids. It is best to have a mobility instructer teach yo proper useage and how to measure depending on the cane you choose. Fell free to e-mail me for futher information. My e-mail is
or call toll free at 1-800-522-6294

Re:Going blind and going crazy!!!

MM my brother, i totally understand where you are at with your situation and frustration. You are fortunate to have your lady and child there for you. i was lucky to find this website and maybe i can also get along my path.

im also in very rural area. lost sight in right completely then came left even after surgery funded by fl. blind services im no better. doc says i have had too many cardiac probs and it made broken vessels? anyway im with very little vision no job no family that will even call and no friends
jusy my dogs. i understand crazy well.

right now im going to sell all my things i have to maybe pay off my lot so i wont be homeless to. i filled ssi and their doctor said nothing wrong. well my surgeon tried to make me laugh and said a first year doc could and should have seen my problem? so go figure i worked 35 years and now i really need help there is none there im trying again ssi is trying actually to do it over phone as its 60 miles to them and back
no way for me to get there and not hurt me or public by driving

i would like to stay in touch with you and at leats have efriend that maybe we can mail and have some normalcy?
i do find computer helps me as i can make type large and i have found some freeware text readers that work ok. gotta find voice to email freeware.

thats what gets me all the assistive ware is more money than i could ever afford. my thing is i have to try to beat this depresion man i feel like im cooked i do have my dogs and my
computer and little home so im trying but some days when i wake i wonder if i should even try anymore. surgeon said i will be total pretty soon as that scares me and makes a 47 year old man cry. thought i was tougher than that but i do
im a mess in the last 2 years. i woke one morning and could not see and there it was. argh!

i understand about what you said about the canes. i get the same thing in grocery when i ask someone to tell me how much somethingis they act like im illiterate i used to be productive and win awards now im just trying to eat and not dirt nap.

we are on same path i see, im al-gard and my hp told me 20 years ago i would reach a darkness before 50 so i guess this is it.

as for work the only work here will be something i can do myself. i cant move as i will never have home and would not make it in a city i dont think. im country boy and all i want is sanctuary now. scared ill be sight impaired man in walmart parking area. very very scary for me

i had thought maybe a micro milling rig and custom grind grits,cornmeal,and polenta fresh for folks and sell on net site like mother earth news. but even small
mill with a sepeartor is over a thousand dollars and all i have is a manula millnow. i make corn meal and grits polenta and cook it. 50 pounds of corn is 4 dollars here. my jack russell even likes it so we do ok. my landlord knows im sight problemed
and so far has not told me i have to move my house so im ok for the time being and i dont know who yet but someone pays my elec bill or they not reading it for 3 months. i asked and they said it was 50 60 and 71 dollars the last 3 months but i dont owe them as it was paid? i dont know who as i dont know anyone here that might do this. so im blessed being as all my savings are gone. i at present have 80 cents

we still have good minds and can use our hands. you have your lady and child. we can walk and talk so we not down we just cant see. so ill tell you this ill try to be positive if you will and we will write yes? hang in there brother

anyway i ramble to much im depressed and its nice to find someone who understands. im sorry we share this malady. hang in best as you can and do email me ok? brightest blessing
and mpmma. john

Re:Going blind and going crazy!!!

You might also want to check on the AFB Home Page to CareerConnect to see if there are any nurses or other individuals with similar backgrounds who have found a way to continue working

Re:Going blind and going crazy!!!

Yeah, I agree, definitely find out what organizations you have in your area that can help you out. I am from the west coast so I don't know what is available, but through my school district and the Braille Institute here in California, I recieved all the proper training. You will definitely want to get orientation and mobility traing to use that cane. My situation was differenct because I went through everything in grade school, and am still in high school, but don't worry you'll make it through. The job situation is a disappointment, but I am positive you will be able to adapt your life and find a career you are both suited for and love. God bless, and good luck.

Re:Going blind and going crazy!!!

Good for you in wanting to be independent and for trying to find assistance and information!

Have you also taken a look at the "Living with Vision Loss" section?
Go to

There you will find general information that will give you ideas and get you started.

Also on the AFB's Home page you will the AFB Directory of Services (it is now known as "Where Can I Find?" tool <> where you can locate organizations (in your area) that provide services to people who are blind or visually impaired and their families.

You can use the Directory to find a service provider by name, state, country, or service category.

For the full list with description of the service categories, click on Description of Services.

Suggested category--
Independent Living/Rehabilitation Services--Training in daily living and work activities, such as home management, personal management, communication, travel, and other adaptive skills.

Let us know how things are going.

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