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Going Blind at 29

How can I tell my wife that the doctor says I'm going blind and should start preparing.

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Re:Going Blind at 29

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Re:Going Blind at 29

Sorry to hear about this. I hope you figured out the best way to go about it.

Re:Going Blind at 29

Hello I can kinda relate, I am 25 and have been blind in one eye for about 10 years. My condition is histoplasmosis its a rare eye disease which effects the retina. I have the condition in both eyes and face the reality that I could go blind in that eye anytime. However just recently i have started concidering preparing for that and have no idea how. I am engaged and went back to school and it would be devastating, but id feel alot better if iknew there were jobs and could maintain my life by learning a new one.

Re:Going Blind at 29

I think it's important to be open and honest about what you're going through and try not to let anger get in the way of communicating. Hopefully she'll learn a new way of living positively with your new challenge

Re:Going Blind at 29

I would have to agree that you just need to tell her. My husband is 36 and he just lost his vision due to diabetes. We knew it was coming but our timeline was 10 years from now not now. By my knowing about it in advance, I was able to accept it easier when it did happen. Albeit sooner than expected. She will be a key role in your care and has a right to know what is coming. Both for her sake and yours.

Re:Going Blind at 29

If I was you go to blind center or rehab to get ahead of game when you can not and wife should sit down talk about it . It might be hard for her and you but need to work as a team to making it through life.ask her if she still loves you I hope she does.

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