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Graphic Design for the Blind

Hi, I'm a graduate student researching for my dissertation: Graphic design can communicate for the sighted and the blind. It's really hard to find someone who is a graphic designer, designing for the blind community, that can really support my thesis. I would like to speak and have some contact info with a graphic desiger who actually design magazine or art for the blind, using graphic design boundaries (or not). I keep going in loops with only Braille or books/touch arts which doesn't give me enough support to the graphic design field of rules. Please give me any suggest, support, recommendation, and advices. Thank you.


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Re:Graphic Design for the Blind

Purpura Design and Comunication is a portuguese graphic design studio. As CEO of this company, we can try to adapt graphic design to blind disability. This could be a chalenge for us, but i think we can hadle it.

Im free to answer any doubts or questions

Nuno Silva

Re:Graphic Design for the Blind

Just wanted to point out that the Mind Squared Design link above is old. You can now find the site here:


Re:Graphic Design for the Blind

I am also working on my undergraduate thesis on the topic of graphic design for the vision impaired. I would appreciate any information, and in turn would like to share my findings as well. Thanks in advance for any kind of help!!

Re:Graphic Design for the Blind

wow!! so amazing!. I'm glad to see this message board coz I'm just start working on my thesis research to contribute my ability in graphic design for the blind people. I'm an international student who pursue the Master degree in USA. I want to help and promote disabled people to access and interact with the environment like sighted people do. We, graphic designers, are a translator, a communicator in both visual and typography to communicate with people both sighted and disable people. Should we have the responsibility to design for everybody's accessibility like we concern in green design? the way if I have anything update I will post for all you guys benefit....and thanks for all posts...that's really helpful!

Re:Graphic Design for the Blind

Hello all!

I'm a graphic design student currently working on my undergrad dissertation: graphic design for the sight impaired. I'm including the blind, partially blind and color blind within my research. Any help that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Re:Graphic Design for the Blind

Dear all, i am a graphic designer and i am also tackling the issue of blindness and impaired vision in our domain. i would be more then grateful if anyone would send me a copy of there dissertation or images of there work or anything that could start me off into my own discovery of how to deal with the production aspect.

Re:Graphic Design for the Blind

Hi, I'm currently working for a non-for-profit and have been tasked with finding information/guidelines/best practices for designing for readers with partial sight.
Here are links and articles I found that where helpful.
I would be interested in learning more about your findings as you proceed. I can be reached at Hope this helps! Arline

Arditi, Aries has written several books/articles:
Adjustable Typography: an approach to Enhancing low vision text accessibility." Ergonomics v.47 4/15/2004

Effective Color Contract: Designing for People with Partial Sight and Color Deficiences"

Making Text Legible: Designing for People with Partial Sight.

Also, American Printing House for the Blind has usefull reference material; including a custom designed font for use when designing for the Large Format Designs.


Re:Graphic Design for the Blind

You can also try the CareerConnect section of our web site at: You may be able to find someone in our list of mentors. Or call CareerConnect at: (888) 824-2184

Re:Graphic Design for the Blind

This is fascinating to me. I am (was) a Graphic Designer for 20+ years and just left my career due to increasing blindness. (I am now legally blind-lost my central fields of vision completely) Becoming blind has certainly made me aware of design elements that do NOT work. I would be glad to correspond with you. Email me at shows samples of my work pre-blindness. I have not posted any recent work yet.

Re:Graphic Design for the Blind

Hiya, im doing the same subject for my dissertation. Ive only just recently started my research, and was wondering perhaps we could help each other out? Maybe share ideas we have already. I'm from the UK (not sure if you are american or not) but current UK legislation is effecting packaging design in pharmaceutical industry. Drug names and information must be in braille so its effected packaging design as well as perhaps break typographic rules.
There are actual guidelines for designing tactile graphics for the visually impaired as well, which seem to butcher any typographic rules I've learnt before hehe...
I'm not sure if you're delving into typography at all, I haven't really started to investigate imagery and colour. But here are some useful sites that have helped me out:

Re:Graphic Design for the Blind

I am not sure if this will help but it may lead you somewhere that will or in contact with someone that will talk to you

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