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Graphic Design research help

Hi there,

I am a Graphic Design Student studying in London. I have been researching Graphic Design processes for visually impaired people. I am particularly interested in you ideas and ways that you think could improve the communication process in Visually impaired Graphic Design. What is already out there to help communication information other than packaging and signs? However I would also love to know how standard methods of communication such as braille in everyday communication fair today. Do you have ideas on how this communication process can be improved? Sadly I have little knowledge of this subject, hence the reason I am asking for help.

It would be greatly appreciated If you feel that you have information at all that may help my research and further my understanding of this topic.

Many Thanks for you time


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Re:Graphic Design research help

Get a page reader and close your eyes and do this for several days.
Spend sometime as a blind person, unless you walk a mile in those shoes, you will never properly understand.

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