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Guide dog harnesses

I'm legally blind and i feel my vision is getting worse also i have other disabilities in addition so I'm training my own guide and i am trying to find a guide dog harness but i can't seem to find one that is within my budget does any one know where i can find a cheap one?
i look forward to your responses

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Re:Guide dog harnesses

i am in the uk. i have got a retired guide dog,but gdba took her harnesse back.
if you know someone who will do a bit of sowing for you,
get them to make a nylon strap on for you.

Re:Guide dog harnesses

I am having the same problem. I have a dog that I am training to get me to the mail box and back. can't find a harness though.

Re:Guide dog harnesses

I live in North Carolina and my price range is 60 to 200 or lower and i don't think my balance issues are extreme enough to need a support harness

Re:Guide dog harnesses

As well, where do you live? there may be resources in your area.

What is your price range?

And for your additional disabilities, do you need a special type of harness, like a support harness?

Re:Guide dog harnesses

Hi Lindsay
my suggestion would be to get the proper training with an organization. They should be willing to help you and I am sure they have handled vases like yours in the past. However I think your efforts are great, not sure where to get them cheap try to find used ones
good luck

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