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Guide Dog's Death

Hi list,

I’m new here. My name is Jennifer and I’m the very concerned mother of a blind, adult son. I had a question/concern I wanted to ask advice about.

My son has had a guide dog for about two years. Well, the dog recently passed away and my trouble is he’s refusing to talk about it. Every time I bring up anything to do with the dog he pretends he doesn’t know what I’m talking about. I’m wondering – is this common? Should I be worried? Should I press the matter or let it drop? Should I discuss the possibility of him ever getting another dog or is that insensitive?

I feel so bad for him and I want to help in any way I can. I’m just not sure if that means talking it over or letting it go.

All and any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank-you so much!


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Re:Guide Dog's Death

Hi Elphie,

Thanks so much for your kind response! I really do appreciate it!

He doesn’t seem deeply depressed; he’ll talk to me fine about anything other than that. I just received some good news though: I discovered that he’s talked it over with one of his own guy-friends, so that’s encouraging! I think you’re right: it must just be a guy thing, like you said. I’ve never been a great animal lover so I guess it’s hard for me to relate to his grief. That may be why he doesn’t want to discuss it with me.

Thanks again, Elphie!


Re:Guide Dog's Death

Hi Jennifer; I'm very sorry to hear about the passing of your sons guide dog. I've never had a guide dog, but I have friends who do. They have experienced great loss with the passing of their companion. It is just like loosing a very dear friend. Your son has developed a deep and special bond with his dog guide. They are very good buddies. How would you feel if you lost your very best friend? You'd feel terrible.
Well, it's the same thing. Guys express their feeling differently than us gals.
I hope he is in contact with the school where he got his dog. Maybe they can be of some comfort and help for him. It is going to take some time.
I hope your son is functioning okay. If he is in deep depression maybe he should talk to someone who who has been in his shoes. Then perhaps some day he'll decide to get another guide dog.
If he has access to a computer. He can get on a guide dog discussion board and talk to others who can relate.
They'd be able to give him understanding, comfort, and encouragement.
Wishing you and your son the best


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