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Guide Dogs

I am starting to consider getting a guide dog. I wanted to do a lot research before considering this further. I have only been blind for a little more than two years. I was wondering if anyone could post some links of good websites to determine if getting a guide dog is the right option for me and information about different schools. Thank you so much in advance,

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Re:Guide Dogs

Hi I am a software trainer and blind my self, I was told that the best way to work towards a guide dog was to be totally white kane trained. it is very important that you become comfortable while walking alone, or with minimal assistence. I am presently quite good with the kane, however I have a dog as a pet, so i am going to have to hang in there for a while. Hope this helps.

Re:Guide Dogs

Hello Christina! I hope you're doing well! *You must be Christina - I remember your first topic about your studies as a doctor: I really hope all the best for you!
Now, about your question...: I've done a research on this subject for myself, as a newly, let's say, blind. What mobility trainers & guide-dog users say is that a blind person -- especially those who became blind recently -- cannot be secure by having/using a giude-dog, if their mobility training/condition is not at a level that can allow them to feel like that.
I hope to hear from you soon - if/when you can/want contact me, feel free: my email address is
Anastasia - Tatiana, psychologist
Athens, Greece

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