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Guide Dogs

I am starting to consider getting a guide dog. I wanted to do a lot research before considering this further. I have only been blind for a little more than two years. I was wondering if anyone could post some links of good websites to determine if getting a guide dog is the right option for me and information about different schools. Thank you so much in advance,

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Re: Guide Dogs

O & M is the best way to start the journey toward guide dog. I have recently been accepted to two different schools for Guide dogs and am hopful to get one by spring as I need a poodle because of asthma (there aren't many schools that offer shed free dogs). I hope you the best in your endeavors to get a guide. I think the best option is to go to youtube and look at different schools videos as well as students who have been to those schools. That is what they told me to do at my vision rehab place.

Re:Guide Dogs

Hi I am a software trainer and blind my self, I was told that the best way to work towards a guide dog was to be totally white kane trained. it is very important that you become comfortable while walking alone, or with minimal assistence. I am presently quite good with the kane, however I have a dog as a pet, so i am going to have to hang in there for a while. Hope this helps.

Re:Guide Dogs

Hello Christina! I hope you're doing well! *You must be Christina - I remember your first topic about your studies as a doctor: I really hope all the best for you!
Now, about your question...: I've done a research on this subject for myself, as a newly, let's say, blind. What mobility trainers & guide-dog users say is that a blind person -- especially those who became blind recently -- cannot be secure by having/using a giude-dog, if their mobility training/condition is not at a level that can allow them to feel like that.
I hope to hear from you soon - if/when you can/want contact me, feel free: my email address is
Anastasia - Tatiana, psychologist
Athens, Greece

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