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Having a hatd time. Blind in one eye due to trauma

I cant say how happy i was to find this and finally feel like i wasnt alone. I was in a car accident 3 months ago and took a bad blow from the airbag to a main nerve in
my left temple. I was hopeful at first but was recently told that i should start preparing myself not to have vision return. So i am completely blind in my left eye and my pupil is dialated and misshapen. I developed severe glaucoma in my blind eye. Im using a slew of eye drops but am CONSTANTLY in pain. Ive been avoiding pain killers. I also have nerve damage from my left eyebrow to the center of the top of my head. Ive been to 6 seperate specialists since my accident and feel like im being shuffled around from one to the next and no one is helping. I have what i call "episodes" once every week or so where the pressure in my eye develops into a migraine and ultimately leads to me being physically ill and the left side of my face twitching uncontrollably. Im having a hard enough time dealing with the blindness and going from a fully active confident 30 yr old woman to a shell of myself. Ive worked hard at getting life back to normal but the pain and these episodes are wearing at me not just physically but mentally.

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Re: Having a hatd time. Blind in one eye due to trauma

Am a littlebit relieved when I saw these comments.Am 26 years old, I had a home accident when I was 4 years old (fell from a story building)... That affected my left eye, though I thought it was a normal thing until I was playing with my siblings 5 years later and one of them was like how could you say you can't see with your left eye? Went to the hospital but the doctor said the eye is like a bulb that could not bring out light... I was not not bothered with my squinted eye until recently, some people look at me as a sick fellow.. Its like my left eye now deviate more to the left. I went to see a strabismologist cos i hate to be pited, i want to look like a normal person. I avoid taking pictures because of the ugly look. I was scared to my bone marrow when she said, she would use general anaesthesia and the eye might squint again since I don't use it to see... My question now is, is there no lense that one could use that would make the eye appear normal? And is there no way an atrophied organ could be bring back to function normally? Am really worried

Re: Having a hatd time. Blind in one eye due to trauma

Hey there!

I'm glad I have found this place, and you have too!
I have been blind in one eye for 8 years, mine happened from trauma as well. (my story I'll share in a post.) I just wanted to say hi. I'm here for you!

Re: Having a hatd time. Blind in one eye due to trauma

Hi Brit.
My name is Mike, I am totally blind with prosthetics for both eyes. I can't offer you anything but prayers for your physical pain and nervous symptoms, but I would be happy to help with any advice I could give regarding being blind in one eye. I spent the first six years of my life with usable vision in one eye prior to going completely blind, but I remember a lot so might be able to help.
If you're not looking for advice, and just want someone to talk to, I'm here for that, too.

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