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having a kid

okay this is a stupid question but i do want to know. If a sighted or vi somean get pregnant but a sighted or a visually imapaired person how great are the chances the kid going to inherit it? please forgive me on the questiion. i just want to know. thanks.

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Re:having a kid

There are many factors which matter, genetics being a major component. As well, what the cause of blindness is. For example, albinism is a recessive gene, which would require both parents to contribute the gene for it.

as well, something like myopic degeneration, it is more likely to occur is certain groups of people.

Re:having a kid

My eye doctor told me that if you want to know if your baby has or not your disability you can get a genetics test at the hospital.

Re:having a kid

Hi my name is Tracey my husband has congenital glaucoma,
his mother has been blind since she was 12. Brian and I have been together 3 yrs in that time we have had a son who is know 2 and doesn't not have any vision problems through research I have found some data on the matter that says that this particular problem is crossed to the opposite sex, hence that reason he got it and not his 2 sisters.So that means that if we have a girl that she has a 50% chance of having it.Brian has had one eye removed due to it being so painful he couldn't stand it, and his is lossing vision in his other eye everyday. I have to say that if your looking for a answer on wether or not you should have kids due to risk of transfering a diease on, I can only say that life without my child would be terrible and yes we do plan on one more.I was married once before and lost two babies in urtero to spinal bidfa. It wasn't untill after my son was born with Brian did I trully believe that I would execpt whatever outcome was given to us.Life is full of obstacles each unique to themselves.Some are greater than others.We each have to decide what is right for us.Brian is now facing the fact that he won't be able to do his job of 16 yrs putting in sprinklers and as we face an uncertain future , I am faced with reminding myself to not live for yesterday or tomorrow but live for today. Good luck to u and feel free to ever contact me at

Re:having a kid

It depends if blindness is inherited or if you are blind from a freak accident. There are many factors, like if certain diseases run in a family and then yes, it is possible your child may get that condition and become blind. If you are blind from an accident such as a car crash then no blindness will happen to the child.

Re:having a kid

I am sure there is an actual estimate on the chances, however you can guess for yourself, for example there is 2 of you, 1 blind or vi and 1 not so right there you have a 50/50 chance, if vi or blindness is high on either side of the 2 peoples families it will most likely increase the chances of the child being vi or blind, my 2 friends are both vi and thier daughter is not vi, not even a little bit so you can't always follow the numbers

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