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Hi my names Devin I'm 15 and I'm blind in my left eye it was put out by a nurse when my mother was giving birth to me I was sunny side up they used fore sips on me sorry I if I missed spelled that. But at way I have a tore cornea and a detached retina this causes me to have a lazy eye some what and I have to turn my head to see right and it's hard for me to play sports I try and I've gotten use to it but I alway have problems and people ask me randomly what's wrong with your eye and I'm just wondering is there any kind I surgery out there to get this repaired

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Re: Help

It depends how long you've had the lazy eye.if you had the lazy eye for a long time, probably not. I don't think there's a surgery to fix that.

Re: Help

Hi Devin,

I'm new to this message board so I'm hoping someone has already replied to you? If not, I'm wondering if it would be possible if you could ask one of your teachers at school to connect you to a teachers who specializes in vision impairments and/or blindess. If you have already, maybe you can reach out to them again? They could share their local resources with you to give you leads on people and organizations within your town/city.


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