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HELP! Daughter is 20/200 Qestions on cane use.

Hello my daughter is 5 years old, has Optic Nerve Hypoplasia and is 20/200 in one eye and 20/120 in the other eye. She has good use of her functional vision, but when she is in a low light or bright light situation she trips, falls, runs into things and people. I have had an O&M evaluation, and even went to a school for the blind/visually impaired and no one seems to want to give me a straight answer as to if she should use a cane in low light or bright light situations. It is as if she is stuck in a grey area and I find the school makes me feel she is not blind enough for help. Any advise will be helpful. I am even willing to pay for O&M out of my pocket because the public school won't provide services. Thanks.

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Re:HELP! Daughter is 20/200 Qestions on cane use.

Retisert Alert!! Retisert Alert!!
Posted by CharlesW on 07/05/2009

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Thank You
C Williams

Re:HELP! Daughter is 20/200 Qestions on cane use.

Who ever has been advising you is not the best. I have used a cane since I was a teenager & two of our girls have the same problem as your daugther. I went to the State Agency right away, and they recieved both canes and the training they needed to functionalize and been mobile.
The only problem we ever had was with the older girl and BOYS!
Best of kuck,

Re:HELP! Daughter is 20/200 Qestions on cane use.

I am 42 yrs old and I also have Hypoplasia with a third nerve palsy. My left eye is 20/100 and right is shapes and light perception. I know what you mean about the "grey area" feeling like you fall in the cracks -not totally sighted, not totally blind. I have the same issues of extreme light sensitivity and the latter you mentioned. I have been using the white cane for 19 yrs, not only for my safety with obstacles but so that drivers and people will know that I am legally blind. Now I am applying for a guide dog to further my goal of independence. I got O&M training and services from the Fl Division of Blind Services, there should be a state division of blind services where you are. When I was growing up, I had large print textbooks provided for me from the Fl School For The Deaf & Blind. There are also catalogs you can get that have low vision aids like beeping frisbees and educational tools, talking products and etc like maxi-aids. I hope this helps. Good luck to you and your daughter!

Re:HELP! Daughter is 20/200 Qestions on cane use.

I think that you should talk to your state agency for the blind and they can help you more then anyone else i personally agree for her to use a can but that is only because i use one to and it is hard for me to see in bright light to and i have 20/400

Re:HELP! Daughter is 20/200 Qestions on cane use.

That makes me mad as well and I understand your frustrations. I'm 21 years old and also have Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. No one gave my parents straight answers either and I never had services for the visually impaired provided in school. Like your daughter, I have trouble with mobility and I speak from experience when I say that you really need to contact an agency that serves the blind and visually impaired. Each state has an office which provides such services. Which state do you live in? You can try searching goggle using "Blindness and Visual Services" + the name of your state. Or your state may have a Department of Labor and Industry website that may link to your local agency. Either way, get into contact with a state agency and speak with an Orientation & Mobility Specialist; he or she should be able to help you get the evaluation done and the tools your daughter needs. if you have any questions, or need to talk, I am here to listen. Send me an e-mail to I'll do whatever I can to help as I have found this tool and training VERY HELPFUL and NECESSARY to my independence.

Re:HELP! Daughter is 20/200 Qestions on cane use.

I'm so sorry, i think that's ridiculous! it's an outrage, she's just a little girl and a cane may help. I've been blind for 22 years, my whole life and the public school system can be rough. Try talking to an advocacy group if you have one in your area and see if they can get someone to help you.
Good luck.

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