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help me?

I'm a 19-year old aspiring writer currently working on a novel in which my main character, named Guy, is blind. I would love to meet, or at least come in contact with a blind person who is willing to help me with my project. Ideally, I'd like someone between 20 and 30 years old so that the likeness between you and the character could match and be accurate. I've always wanted to have a blind friend so this is a great opportunity for that as well!
I hope to hear from you...
Oh and my story is about a young man with a secret trying to find a reality beyond that of sight. As you know, the average seeing person's scope of vision is very limited and is very far from understanding what truly exists. Other than giving me a blind perspective of the world to fit my character, maybe you can also help me reach that truth. And on the way, Guy falls in love of course!

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Re:help me?

Are you still needing help?

Re:help me?

Are you still needing help? i'm 23 and blind and interested.

Re:help me?

Great! Can you guys e-mail me at You can subject it as "help" so I know it's you and not junk mail! thanks a lot!

Re:help me?

I would be interested in helping you.

Re:help me?

I'd like to help. What would you like to know?

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