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Help needed

I am studying how couples change their communication techniques after one of them has lost their vision. So I need to interview both the visually impaired and their sighted partner. The couple has to have been together prior to the visual impairment and still together, they do not have to be married and the vision loss should be between 1 and 7 years. If you and your significant other meet this and would be willing to be interviewed (about an hour each) please contact me at If you do not please pass this along to anyone you know in the community.



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asking people to give you their email addresses

asking people for their email addresses may just set off security warning bells and sirens for them. Fisching scams or email harvesting may be suspected.
You may want to provide people with a way to contact you which protects their security such as your phone number or an online survey and then a way of contacting you after taking the survey which again protects their personal privacy and identity.

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