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Help needed from a visually impaired or blind person for research purpose

Hi ,

My name is Sukhdeep and I am a design student at the National Institute of Design , India.
As part of my college assignment, I would need a little bit of your time to help me by filling up a short questionnaire related to shopping.
Your help would be deeply appreciated.
The link to the questionnaire is

Thank you

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surveys and personal privacy

You may get more responses if you let your respondents remain anonymous.
Asking anybody for his or her email address destroys that person's privacy in subtle ways.
People consider email addresses to be private. This way, spam can be reduced and so can identity theft.
Observing this kind of courtesy when you are asking questionf of a respondent makes it possible for you to find out what you need to know in a professional businesslike manner. Our Personal information is something blind or low vision folks are careful of, just like sensible sighted folks..
You can ask valuable questions and get useful feedback from us anonymously.
Folks will be glad to help. They also will point you toward lots of information about blindness and low vision on the internet.
This widespread available information gives you more background on your subject.
With more background, you will be able to ask more interesting questions and do useful research.
Good luck to you.

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