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Help with a Website for People with Disabilities

I have a new website and I want to know how it can be made useful for people with low vision. Right now, it's more geared to people with mobility issues, but I am looking to expand its scope.
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Re:Help with a Website for People with Disabilities

look around and get ideas. put up information you find that is useful for blind people. Looking around on blind sites will help a lot. Put some of those ideas on your site. Make it a blind resource site too that way.

Re:Help with a Website for People with Disabilities

Another good place to visit is the Web Accessibility Initiative of the W3C. Point your browser to .

Re:Help with a Website for People with Disabilities

I looked at your website and it is actually quite accessible. One of the best places to look for such guidelines is on this very site under the technology section. There, you will find easy to read instructions which deal with the key access challenges we run across during our day to day surfing. and there are also links to tools which can help you determine jsut how accessible your site is. AccessWorlde is, of course, another good source of information about such issues; reading it regularly will provide a good deal of information and will increase your understanding of exactly what the access issues are.

I would encourage you to add some blindness related content to your site, however. As a blind person who has done a good bit of traveling myself, I can assure you that there are many tips you can add. You may want to provide information about Wendy David's new book from National Braille Press, "Sites Unseen." You can find information about it at Many museums offer accessible tours and the like. sue Bramhall does tours for small groups of blind travelers which get excellent reviews; see Royal Caribbean has a Braille printer on each of their ships which makes it possible for blind travelers to gain access to the daily activity schedule while onboard. These are just examples of the kinds of things you might want to explore.


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