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Help with screenplay adaptation: The Rosary

First of all, I would like to say thank you for this site, it has been tremendously helpful.

I am thinking about writing a screenplay adaptation to the book, The Rosary. The Rosary was an immensely popular romance book around 1910. The book hinges on a plot where one of the main characters loses his sight. I am hesitant to start the project, however, for the following reason:

In the book, the hero goes blind in an accident. His former love, Jane, wants to go to him but he won't let her because he fears she is coming to him out of pity. So she disguises her voice in order to be with him as his nurse.

Now the book resolves his finding this out very sappy. But I'm thinking that for a blind person, this would be a total betrayal. Wouldn't he feel she had tricked him and seen him when he was most vulnerable (right after the accident), expressly against his wishes?

The book does have many redeeming qualities, but I'm wondering if this one aspect sours the rest of the story.

Any thoughts you could give me would be most helpful.

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