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I am new here. I am not visually impaired, but would like to get to know visually impaired/blind people. I am a believer (Christian) and wonder if there are any believers out there who wants to get to know me. I currently live in Sweden and would be grateful if somebody could provide me with some website addresses for VI/blind people in Europe. I would also enjoy getting to know VI/blind people from the US. Please do drop me a line.

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Re: HI

I am a Prayer Minister who was born Christian.



My reply comes a bit too late but may this help generate information anyhow.

There is a good school for people with disabilities, including the visually impaired in Denmark. It is Egmont Hojskolen in Hou, Odder, Denmark. What impressed me personally in that boarding school is that people with disabilities get to mainstream with fellow students without disabilities, and in the process creates awareness of each others abilities and limitations and learn skills into co-existing. Ideal for high school students and young adults.

Re:HI Lisa

Hi Lisa,

how are u.Thanks for the reply. I am assuming that u live in US. How is summer ? It rains quite a lot here.I havent checked my AFB site for a long time . I used to spend hours reading the posted messages and how people cope with their problems . I have learned quite a bit over here.


It seems there aren't many people who visit these forums. People drop by once, then are gone, or at least that's the impression I get.
Anyway, my name is Lisa, & if you'd like to talk more, post back here & I'll write back. I can't help you with VI people in Europe, but I'm blind myself.

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