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How do you pour hot water from a full pot into a cup without getting burned?

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Hello, hobbitgirl,

Another advice is to use a ladle to transfer the hot water.
After the water is at the desired temperature, use the ladle to
transfer the liquid into the cup. This is a precise method in
that the volume allowed in the ladle is a fixed amount and it
cannot transfer more liquid than it can contain. I suggest that
a test run using cold water to determine how many ladles of
liquid fits in the cup should be done beforehand using this
method. Another fringe benefit is that the bulky pot of boiling
water never leaves the surface of the heating element;
therefore, minimizing accidental spills and burns.

~Master Glitch


A Liquid Level Indicator is very helpful for that.

A friend of mine uses a plastic ball, that's very similiar to a ping pong ball. She can see the white ball against a black mug, and can easily see the liquid level as the ball floats up. Just make sure you wash it off if you make coffee or hot chocolate, and the plastic is heat-resistant.

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