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How can I help my son

my son has been blind for 1year, he is 32 and last week the Dr told him thair was no more hope for him to see again. So now what? and on top of that he needs new kidneys right now he is just sitting at home waiting for his wife of five years to get home from work. How can i help him keep going ?.thank you Mom

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Re: How can I help my son

It is nice that you want to. My parents cant deal with my sight loss and have broken ties with me.


Re:How can I help my son

i like help any one i'm 26 years old boy i like donate my every body part.tell me i help you.i don't want money.i want to give life another man

Re:How can I help my son

I personally think Buddhism and music can help.
Buddhism is really good for people who are
Here in China, some blind friends study playing pianno, or other musical instruments and then find a job relating with music.
You know we don't need eye when we play violin.

Re:How can I help my son

I'm sorry about what happened to your son. I am 33 and blind. (20/300 20/400) You tell him he can do anything he wants to do,that this does not have to be an ending, but perhaps a new adventure. I have been blind my entire life. My parents never one time treated me like I had a disability. That helped I think more than anything. Tell him to keep his sense of humor that helps a lot. I ran into a doorway the other day, and my husband and I just burst into laughter.He didn't catch me or stop me,I caught myself.Tell your son that's what he has to do. Catch himself.

Re:How can I help my son

I have low vision due to an eye disease about seven years ago. When it flares up my vision decreases a little more. I do know it helps to talk to people that are going through simular situations. This is a good site, but some times you want responses quicker than they may come. Also I have recently enrolled in classes on line through Hadley School for the Blind. I am getting evcited. I live in a small town and there isn't very many opportunities for me. So I have been the one just sitting around when it came to the point I couldn't drive about seven years ago. I am 34 now. I have two children and a husband. I can tell you unless you are personally going through what I am I don't want to hear how I should feel.
Tell your son I know he would feel better if he would start communicating with those that can relate. See if there are things in your neighborhood. The best thing to do is keep your mind busy. An idol mind is a devils workshop and that is so true.
Until we talk again .
Take Care.

thank you pat g

thank you for your prayers. my son has been a diabetic since 17 years of age. and has been to many Dr's but just this last year it all came to a head for him. He is very brave, but has his days. I gauss what i am looking for is things to help him start a new life or a new way of liveing.This is all new to us so what is out in the market ,and where?
thank you again and my prayers are with you allso.

Re:How can I help my son

From experience....PRAYER and believing that the situation will get better works.
What happen to his vision?
Have you gotten more than one opinion?
Tell your son do not give up..Even though some times we think what is happening to us is hopeless, that is NOT TRUE.

They are people that can relater to your sons circumstances, he just needs to reach out.

I will keep you in my prayers.

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