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How do i tell my parents that i am considering marrying a blind man

i don't know how to tell my parents that i have been dating a blind man 4 over two years and am seriously considering marrying him in the near future because i love him even though am still in school but i want them to know about him before i approach them about our plans to get married,

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Re:How do i tell my parents that i am considering marrying a blind man

Would you have the same concerns if he merely wore glasses or hearing aids? My advice is you tell them the same way you would if the man was sighted. tell them you fell in love with a wonderful man and you are lucky enough to have him love you back. tell them all his good qualities and why you think he would be a suitable husband for you.. The fact that he is blind does not make up who he is. It's a very small part of him. As long as he treats you well and you have an equal partnership taking care of eachother then they shouldn't have a problem. Nevertheless, if you walk in and say "This is John, he's blind and I'm marrying him..." of course your parents mouths are going to drop to the floor. People have less of a tendency to make a big deal out of something if you don't. If the two of you walk in displaying no visible signs that his blindness is a factor in your relationship then it wont take long for your parents to accept the union. Hang in there and I hope that helps.

Re:How do i tell my parents that i am considering marrying a blind man

thanks for all your advice. I guess i have been afraid about this whole telling my parents issue. I love this man so much n i know that i have to be bold for us to have a future together.

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Re:How do i tell my parents that i am considering marrying a blind man

I think you must be brave. Obviously you have to express everything. (

Re:How do i tell my parents that i am considering marrying a blind man

hi; just tell them the way you would about any person.
if they have questions/concerns they will no doubt voice them being parents, and you can answer as they come. just relay all the qualities that cause you to feel the way you do about him, to them.
good luck.

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