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How do the visually impaired find/identify things?

I wanted to know how the visually impaired find or identify things easily. What is the fastest and easiest way for a blind person to find out where a thing is or identify what a given object is?

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Re:How do the visually impaired find/identify things?

Hello I have been vision impaired all my life just learned to make a map in my head where everything is at by touch or hearing. I am not totally blind but my right eye is tottally blind and my left eye is 20 200. Just make a map in your head when I go places if i been there a few times I can find it again no problem. When I get back from the store I put my can goods in different spots like vegs fruits and soups and so on bye for now chrism.

Re:How do the visually impaired find/identify things?

Hello Armi,
In answer to your question, people who can't see rely alot on touch and often labelling, as mentioned in the previous response, of clothes, food, medications etc. objects such as bottles that can appear very similar but contain different things can sometimes have some kind of small tactile difference that can give us some clue in identifying them, also a person may have some slight vision to assist, like i can see colour even though i can't read labels, so that can help. We have to rely a great deal on memory to locate things, quite frustrating when someone moves them around and something is no longer where you expect to find it! :)

i hope this goes some way to answering your question.

all the best

Re:How do the visually impaired find/identify things?

I've heard that when it comes to things like clothes, some people put tags with braille written on them.

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