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How the blind people walk on the street?

Hello, I am a student and now doing the research and design an accessible way-finding system on campus.
I want to know how a blind people walk on the street? especially the place that you have never been there.
Does tactile Braille map useful to help you to figure out the location?

Please feel free to leave any comments.
Your comments are important for me to do the research. Thank you.

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Re:How the blind people walk on the street?

I have low vision and use a cane to get around and use Orientation and Mobility instruction a lot to learn my way around. I also have a specialized GPS system that was designed for people who are visually impaired but I would be interested in a similar device (or an integrated one) that could help me locate buildings on campus and rooms within those buildings.

I do travel independently to places I haven't been, but I know what questions to ask if I do get lost and I ahave developed a lot of patience over the years!

If I can be of more assistance, please feel free to e-mail me at

Re:How the blind people walk on the street?

If you want to know A to Z about blind person daily working you have to visit web search and search all about 'daily life of blind people' in window search box.You find so many search result and help you so much in your research.

:How the blind people walk on the street?

Blind folks use either a cane or a Guide Dog to travel independently. We also increasingly use technology aids. These can include accessible GPS products. Sometimes these products are incorporated into cell phones. The iPhone is one such example. Other products which may prove useful in future include devices such as the Brainport for sensing information about the environment. You can find information about the Brainport using a search engine. It is only in prototype but has great promise.

Re:How the blind people walk on the street?

I'm a blind student in high school. I'm a senior. I'm currently doing Orientation And Mobility Training. It's where blind people learn how to cross streets using a cane. Some people use a guide dog. I don't have a dog yet, but I use my cane. I don't go anywhere by myself so I'm not worried about getting lost.

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