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How to identify clothes

I am looking for suggestions on how to make my mothers extensive wardrobe, so that she will know what goes with what? She has only been blind for 4 months, and at 85 years old, it is a tough adjustment! Any suggestions about anything would be helpful!

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Re: How to identify clothes

For work I wear white shirts and black slacks. For home I wear blue jeans and any shirt goes with them. :)

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Re: How to identify clothes

Ive made that simple. I have black slacks and bluejeans. I just have my sighted friends (with good taste) pick colors and patters that go equally with both and so I always look good. :)

Re:How to identify clothes

Any suggestions for a VERY independant 9 yo boy? He doesn't like depending on someone else to mark them. HE will decide! Right now, it is all jeans, so all shirts go with them. However, he is leaning toward oxfords with ties, if you can imagine that out of a 9 year old!

Re:How to identify clothes

Oh, yes, I am also looking for any information/tips from anyone--my mom, 84, just went blind and we are looking for any tips. Thanks to anyone

Re:How to identify clothes

Hello, I am John Stewart son of Dorotha Stewart, 84, who just went totally blind. I have printed your message and will use this information. Thank you.

Re:How to identify clothes

My brother is blind and I am visually impaired. We both have spouses who hang our clothes; one matching set per wooden hanger. That way, everything we need is matched and in one place.

Another trick I've "seen" is to attach safety pins. The pins come in various sizes. The disabled family member only has to match the sizes of the pins to know what will go with what.

Good luck to a very caring child!

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