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How to Pay Not Using Cash

So, I was out the other day at Costco, and found out that they do not take cash as a payment. (They said they had a sign that stated this, but I of course could not see it.) This got me thinking. I pay with cash all of the time, because I can't see debit machines. But it seems that method is becoming out dated. Usually I can't see the screens of a debit machine due to the low contrast, and even if I can, my face has to be about an inch away from it. It's really embarrassing for me and confusing for the cashier. How do you guys cope paying for things if you can't use cash? I would love tips.

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Re: How to Pay Not Using Cash

What a great topic, I feel the same way the CCs, I use my cards as credit cards instead of debt, thus eliminating the machine, then I have the cashier use the signature guide I give them and sign the receipt.
PS my area does not had those card pass readers yet.....

Re: How to Pay Not Using Cash

Do you have a Mastercard or a Visa? They both have contactless payment systems now. The Mastercard one is called PayPass, and the Visa is called Paywave. You don't even need to take your card out of the wallet, you can tap your entire wallet against the reader and it can read the card. There are some limitations, though. Some cards and places have a limit to how much you can take out and use in one shot.

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