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How would you define colors?

I wanted to ask how would a person who is blind since birth who has no perception of color define the colors:
Red, Yellow and Blue?
I will be happy to hear your thoughts about that.
Thank you!

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Re:How would you define colors?

I would sugest multi language on your website , keep up .

Re:How would you define colors?

Well, in the 1980's [true story] movie Mask the main character had a girlfriend who was blind since birth and he came up with an interesting idea of how to describe color. He had her hold a smooth rock that had been kept in the freezer and told her that it was blue. He had another smooth rock in boiling water and when he handed it to her he said it was red. Hope that helps a little.

Re:How would you define colors?

I've said before I am not blind, but the idea of emotions is how my boyfriend (who, for the record, has never seen color) had the most success in understanding it. I agree with you, find someone you can trust, but I know another method my boyfriend uses is to just keep his outfits simple, khakis or jeans and a t-shirt or polo. Then everything always goes together.

Re:How would you define colors?

You received one response talking about color being related to emotions for those who can see, or who remember from before they lost their vision. Some colors do have associations for me, even though I have never seen color. Green is the way the grass and garden smell after rain. But I need a lot of imagination to take that idea of green and translate it into a blouse or skirt. To me the blouse or skirt has texture. I know when you see it, the green color has associations for you as a sighted person. Some of those associations may hark back to my thinking of growing things. I also know people like certain colors and are happy when I wear them. Other than that, I know certain colors tend not to go well together. I also know that what does and does not go well together in an outfit has changed over the last 25 years. Things which people used to think were not to be worn together now are. I trust advice of artistic people I know when choosing colors for clothing or colors for painting a room, buying curtains and so on. After all, it is the sighted people around me who are going to see the curtains and the new paint. It is vital for a welldressed blind person to have what I call fashion consultants. Same goes for decorating. Find somebody whose taste you trust. Trusting sales people may be a poor idea. You could end up with that coat nobody wants because of its strange color. Blind people sometimes pay less attention to getting this kind of fashion advice than is good for us. People see how we dress and the colors in our homes even if we do not. Making good fashion and decorating decisions means we look nice and our homes look nice. If you are going to spend money on something where color is important like clothing or curtains, you want the advice of a trusted person with good taste. That way, sighted people see how I dress and have the kind of impression of me that I wish to create.

Re:How would you define colors?

By using emotions to describe the color... Anger is intense passion, either of hatred or love, blue is hopeful, like the sky, or sad, upset, yellow is very happy etc

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