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Hullo everyone! Need ur help!

Hi! My name's Ushna, I'm from Mauritius, and I'm sighted. I recently got the idea of writing a story about a blind woman.
Now, not knowing a great deal about blindness, i began searching for information online, and I would never have believed how wrong my perception of blindness was!! For starters, i thought (like most sighted people probably) that blindness meant not seeing anything at all, and that blind people couldn't do anything on their own and all that! Imagine my surprise when i read about a blind reporter or secretary or lawyer!
I realised that blind people are just like anyone else, they just need to do things differently! Already, I've modified my story to make my character more independent and real and, well, there's no other word for it - normal! She no longer depends on her husband or friends to go out, she does it after learning the proper cane technique, and she does it alone!
But i still need more details about how a blind person's daily life is, and i want to know more specifically how they cook and use money and use their different canes, for example.
I am now writing this story to have a deeper understanding of what blindness really is. If anyone out there wants to help me out, please send me an e-mail! My address is I really want to make contact with you guys, coz some of you seem really nice, like Elphie or Annie.
I'll keep a weather eye on the horizon of my inbox, coz am quite looking forward to chatting with you! Please please please, do mail me!!!

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Re:Hullo everyone! Need ur help!

HI, I am not blind but had 2 detached retinas recently & it was the scarest thing to go thru, I thought that I was going to be blind. I have deep appreciation for anyone with sight problems. Thank God I had a great Dr, I had 2 procedures done immediatly other wise I would have lost my vision. I lost some sight in my rt. eye due to bleeding behind retina
THANKS for letting me share.
God Bless each one of you!

Re:Hullo everyone! Need ur help!

If you have specific questions (and are willing to make them well thought out, complete, and spellchecked questions) contact me at nahzee at yahoo dot com. I'm Deafblind.

Re:Hullo everyone! Need ur help!

hi ya i cant give any one any money but i ll give the message to everyone

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