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I have Optic Nerve Ischemia

I have had this AION(Optic nerve damage) for 4 months , was told that if it isnt better in 6 months, would probably not get better. Does anyone have any info on treatments, therapies(vitamins...) or rehad that could help.
By the way, I have a colored contact lense(reddish brown that helps the visual perception problem if anyone would like to know

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Re:I have Optic Nerve Ischemia

My wife suffers from a rare condition called pseudotumor cerebri, and we don't know what to do either. We have two small children, and she is only 23. We take it one day at a time, and I hope that one day we will find a cure. Just take it one day at a time, and know there will be hard days too, but someday there will be a cure. I was going to be an ER Dr. bt now I am going to become a neurologist instead in order to help find a cure for her. I have 6 more years, but I know how hard it can be.

Re:I have Optic Nerve Ischemia

My husband was diagnosed with optic nerve hyperatrophy, I think its similar to what you say you have its in the nerves. He is completly blind in his left eye and legally blind in his right. The doctor never said it was going to get worse. They didnt tell us anything, and now I dont know what to do. I have 2 children and he can no longer work. I wish they would have told us he would loose his sight. God I need help!

Re:I have Optic Nerve Ischemia

I have MS which has resulted in legal blindness from optic nenerve damage. I was told the same...if not better in 3 to 6 not expect much change. Hard to deal with when only in my 30's.

Re:I have Optic Nerve Ischemia

My grand daughter was born with out optic nerves do you mind explaining your condition? Thank you

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