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i need advice and info please...!

hi, my name is mary and i'm a student. at the moment i'm about to start writing a script about a young, blind girl.the last thing i want to be, is an ignorant writer! i would appreciate as much information as possible i could be given about the kind of things anyone, especially those blind at birth, 'see'. ive seen some interesting artwork by some visually impaired people which is really inspring. it may seem like a silly question, but do the blind see colour in thier mind if they have never experienced colour as they were born blind? im so so intrigued by this all, any information would be greatly appreciated!!!!
thank you!

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Re:i need advice and info please...!

Hello. My name is Franandiah (Fran-nan-da) and I have extreamily poor vission. Colours is somthing I will never understand. I can only see very dark colours but I really don't know their names. I don't understand the differances between Black and Brown, Orange Red and Yellow, Pink and Purple, Grey and White. Yes, I can see a little bit of colour, but I'm always asking what colour it is. So, some people can see a bit of colour, but that doesn't mean they know what colour they are seeing. I see forms with blurs of colours mixed in. I usually just tell people that I see fog and thats it. If you have any other questions feel free to e-mail me at

Re:i need advice and info please...!

Hi. I'm a totally blind teen and am here to offer some info! I was blind at birth and colors mean nothing to me. Blind people cannot see colors. If someone lost their sight later in life, perhaps they have visual memory, but someone blind at birth does not. If there is any information you would like to know, even out of curiosity (if you aren't writing a paper but just want to know), I'm here to answer!

Take care!

Re:i need advice and info please...!

Hi. I'm totally blind and I can tell you that blind people can't see colors in their minds if they've never actually seen them before. If you have anymore questions, you can post them on this page. That way, it will be easy for me to find your questions.

Re:i need advice and info please...!

Hi! I hope you get responses for this thread. You also might try talking to an agency in your area for the blind and visually impaired. They may have staff who specialize dealing with the media and writers. They want to make sure the blind are portrayed accurrately. In L.A. Calif, writers for tv dramas and screen writers have turned to a mojor organization for the blind. In their communications department. They have a person on staff who is blind and is a consultant for the industry. Sometimes they have interviewed blind people. Some actors have come in to learn how to portray a blind person.They come away with a lot of info and their eyes are opened to the fact that blind people really don't have superhuman powers. My best friend who is totally blind was a consultant for the movie "Second Sight" She came over to our house and read her manuscript to us so that we could correct any erors of how she portrayed the blind character. It was quite fasinating. She also taught Della Reese how to read braille properly.
I hope this helps you. Thank you for caring about the best way to write a blind character. Good Luck.


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