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I need help from my fellow college students

Hi everyone:
At this moment I am enrolled in a research psychology class at my university which requires me to do an extensive research project in which i must conduct research and write an official article on the findings.
My research involves two groups of students and measuring their similarities, I need college students with and without a disability. This is not to harm or insult anyone since I am blind myself. This is just a school assignment that I am very interested in.
Anyway, all this requires is answering a few quick questions on very short surveys that should only take a few minutes. I will be posting the surveys online but I wanted to know if any of you were interested in helping me. the surveys would be confidential and ask for no name or personal information.
Please post here if you are interested in helping me and i'll post the link to the surveys by the end of this week.
I would really appreciate this since I need about thirty or so participants.
Thank you.

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Re:I need help from my fellow college students

I would love to help, if I may. If it's not too late, please send me the survey (can you e-mail it?)

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