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I THINK I'M GONNA SCREAM :) opinions needed

Okay Hi people, I'm totally blind in my left eye and not good at all in my right. It's been since birth and no one seems to know why they say myopia in on eye but I never knew it caused total blindness then a doc at Emory said I don't have a retina IN THE EYE I HAVE VISION IN okay so I don't get how I can see without a tretina but besides that my issue is independence.

I'm 21 did college once but I couldn't remain there due to tuition it seems like its harder to get nfb scholarships than to get regular ones and my areas VR services say they can't do anythin for me as far as mobility or gaining employment. I want desperately to be out on my own go when I want and have a full productive life but each day I feel as if the possibility of that is slipping away.
I've never gone in a grocery store alone, my mother does all my bank stuff and I just feel trapped.

I'm sorry that was so long but I'd appreciate any advice not looking for sympathy because I know of a lot of totally blind people who do well I just wonder...... HOW?


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Re:I THINK I'M GONNA SCREAM :) opinions needed


Things are better but still a ways to go.
Since that post I've gotten a cane and gone to a few stores and places on my own. I'm taking online classes. Engaged and just want things to keep getting better. It still seems like it's going slow and still never received any help from VR Services but it's okay because I'm doing my best and making progress. I still have the "why me days" but they pass and I keep going. I thank you allfor the useful info and encouragement. I didn't feel sorry for myself then and I don't now...

Re:I THINK I'M GONNA SCREAM :) opinions needed

Hello There;
I don't think you are feeling sorry for yourself. You want to be independant and get on with your life, but you are stuck and feel like people aren't listening to you or eager to help. You are frustrated and want some ideas on where to go. You are willing to do the foot work if someone would just point the way. Oh and by the way you are normal. You mean that sighted people have it easier. No not really, but that's another topic. It seems like that sometimes, I hear ya!
Anyway, I'm astonished at your state rehab. Telling you they can't help. Did they give you a writen reason why?
Hey folks in that field. Shouldn't he get a reason why this person doesn't qualify for DOR services?
I am visually impaired and got my BS in rehab services, so college is feasible. You have the right to assistance from your college of choice to receive assistance with your work, whether it be for readers, notetaker, and adaptive technology on campus. You could even receive tutors if you need that.
Your state rehab could help with tuition and books if you qualify. I'm sure you have to prove your legal blindness or go to their doctors for an exam.
Did your college that you attended have an office for students with disabilities? If not, find a college or university in your area which does. I couldn't have gained my education without them.
Find an agecy for the blind and visually impaired in your area that teaches mobility. They will have teachers there to teach you the best way to cross and three lane highway safely.
Or you might do research in finding facility that has a program for adults to teach them independance. It could be a six month residential program where you live on campus and they teach you daily living skills.
Cooking, shopping, vacuming, laundry, banking, how to find an apartment, mobility, and job prep.
As the fine people of this website if they have staff who can help you look up these resources or you can call
1-800-BRAILLE. Someone there will look up your city and help you find these resources.
I trust if you found these resources you would do the foot work. It is the only way to get out of that rut.
Good luck.

Re:I THINK I'M GONNA SCREAM :) opinions needed

the response posted by nahazze, some of it was so wrong and so off base. I would not encourage you to just buy a cane and head off with it(good chance you will end up hit by a motorist). I'd adivse you to seek out proper cane training offered by your local commission. And in other reference some of the "advice" i'd hardly call advice. Loosing vision to someone who was once sighted is a big issue to an extent. It might not be that wierd or freaky to someone who is born blind, because the person who never had workable sight got training early, and therefore does not have to adjust to loosing something they never had in the first place.

Re:I THINK I'M GONNA SCREAM :) opinions needed

Hi thee how are you doing? I hear your pain I am in the same boat somewhat. They don't know exactly what I have,but it in a catagory.

Email me directly because I don't come on here that much.

I can totally help you. I just started my own business in this area for consulting and assistance.

my email address is

Take care


Re:I THINK I'M GONNA SCREAM :) opinions needed

I THINK we ought to be careful accusing anyone of feeling sorry for themselves.

You know what, its okay, for just a little while, to feel like you got the raw end of the deal. Then you pick yourself up and go on. But I think each of us has felt these same emotions at times and it sure doesn't help anything to accuse someone who is having trouble of self-pity. That just generates a feeling of isolation which doesn't get anybody any where. Recognize peoples emotions for what they are without criticizing. Be kind. Be gentle. The world is a tough mean place sometimes, do we have to add to it?

Re:I THINK I'M GONNA SCREAM :) opinions needed

Hi, First I must say I am not visually impaired, but our son was just diagnosed with x-linked retinoschisis and so I was searching these message boards. There is a wonderful school here called the Michigan Commission Training Center For The Blind. I happened to tour it a few years ago. They have people like you come from all over the country. They teach you how to keep your own checkbook, go shopping, ride the bus (even the totally blind) and even cook and do woodworking. There were blind people using power tools like saws and everything! Basically they teach you to be completely independent. I have no idea of the cost but I'm sure funding is available. Good luck to you! God has a plan for you and I hope you discover it soon!

Michigan Commission Training Center For The Blind
1541 Oakland Dr.
Kalamazoo, MI

Re:I THINK I'M GONNA SCREAM :) opinions needed

Once again I don't feel sorry for myself.... My thing is I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO FIGHT I didn't ask for this situation and things come to normal people easily. But anyway since it's just that simple do me a favor.... Explain to me how in the world do you get past a 3 lane highway with a white cane?
And just incase ya didn't know loans make your credit bad and if you don't have good credit before the loan uh wow you're not able to get one.

Re:I THINK I'M GONNA SCREAM :) opinions needed

Surprise, education is rarely handed to anyone (even blind people) on a platter. Like the rest of the world, you can take out a nifty little thing called a loan.

Frankly, I think you're suffering from a severe case of fell-sorry-for-myself. If you want to learn about mobility, purchase a ten or fifteen dollar white cane from one of the various internet outlets. Take it out. Hit it on things until you figure out how to avoid hitting yourself into things- you'll get scratched up in the process, but then again, even with training, all blind people will at first all the same.

Go to the grocery store- on foot or by bus, alone. If you're not going to be able to carry your whole list with one hand, bring a backpack or grocery fold up cart. Walk in, find the customer service desk, and ask someone to help you locate what you want. Like magic, twenty minutes later, you'll be done.

If you are not willing to fight to prove yourself as a capable human being, who on earth do you think will ever fight for you?

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