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I want to send a Braille letter

A few years ago there was a service called Hot Braille, where a group of my friends could type an online letter, and then volunteers would take the letter and make it into a Braille letter, and mail it to our friend in Maryland who is now blind and can only read Braille letters (she is also deaf).

They were run by donations only and closed down a long time ago.

Do you know of any place at all that we can write a letter and send it online, and someone could type it in Braille and send it? Even for a fee? She really misses hearing from all of us.

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Re: I want to send a Braille letter

Make sure you dont type the address in braille.


Re:I want to send a Braille letter

My name is Willie Jammer. I also used hotbraille to send braille letters to a friend of mine in Winters California.
I'm realy sorry they had to close hotbraille.
The letters went free matter for the blind and that's how I send my braille letters.
Is there a website where I can continue to send braille letters with no cost?
Sincerely yours,
Willie Jammer

Re:I want to send a Braille letter

To send a simple quick message online using e-mail, then try the Braille Bug®

The Braille Bug, an interactive channel on AFB's web site was created to teach sighted children about braille, and to encourage literacy among all children--sighted and visually impaired. Adults have also visited the Braille Bug and enjoyed sending a secret message! The Braille Bug displays the message on the screen in simulated braille, and then sends an e-mail letting that friend know a "secret message" is waiting!

To send a message go to:

L-mail lets individuals and businesses send letters to any postal address via the Internet. They offer online Braille and audio letter production services for a fee.

Hope this helps.

Re:I want to send a Braille letter

Hi Jamie, my name is David Hoppman. I hope I can help you with your problem. There is a place in Philadelphia called Associated Services For The Blind, and I know they do transcription for people and I'm sure they would do this for you as well. My e-mail. address is: please let me know if it worked out for you. The web site is:

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