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Im a boy in love with a Blind boy, my blind bandit brian

Now-a-days its complicated meeting new people. Technology has made it extremely that much easier to contact people indirectly that people have forgotten how to socialize. Way back in the day people had parties as they do now but they were once called Socials! Now people may socialize and meet new people but contacting them is not the same... you can see it as bad or good, its your choice. But anyways, that was just an intro to start off my not-so-tall tale.....that happened to me...

First off, im a Gay 20 year old guy who lives out in the san gabriel valley here in southern california. I am not blind. I know im young but i know what I want in all aspects of life...dont judge me!

a long while ago i posted on this site on a message board to meet a guy, who is blind, to speak with, get to know, and get into a relationship. No results. at least not any good ones... i kept on getting emails from men AND WOMAN from all over the globe really but most from africa. I wanted to find someone LOCAL!

Months pass and there was nothing worth persuing. then i posted a Personal ad on Not for a blind person but just to meet a guy in general. Lucky me that i got an email from a Blind man Named Brian. He was older but it did not bother me from the start. I like my men like I like my Wine...aged... haha

well i finally called him and we hit it off instantly. In the email he had sent me, he had stating that he was blind. When i spoke with him, he had forgotten that he had stated it but seemed to be surprisingly happy that I didnt not care. Something clicked in those 2 hours we spent together on the phone just talking and getting to know each other. I found myself touched by an angel named Brian. After that, i looked forward to every phone call and all the times we spoke, i just fell. Not literally....but i found myself falling in love with him. and i welcomed it. He didnt see me with the eyes he doesnt have. He saw me with his heart. he saw me with his soul. He made me feel important and SO loved.

Now I am in total and utter love with him and am wishing to spend the rest of my days with him.

and Brian, if you see this, I love you, and i am serious about this all. One day you will make me the happiest man alive...

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Re:Im a boy in love with a Blind boy, my blind bandit brian

Wonderful story! I wish you two all the best! Thank you for sharing!

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